16 October 2012

Autumn is here..

   Hurray it's finally a distinct season here in Manchester, after a half hearted Summer it's nice to have a full blown Autumn with the changing trees and the sun shining. I've been trying to get in plenty of walks while it's still warmish out and my bump is not too huge and uncomfortable. I'm now 24 weeks into this wonderful journey and I'm loving it far more than was expecting. As this one is so active and responsive to sounds and touch throughout the day I feel like I have a new friend to chat and play with. I don't think I was aware how close and engaging you could feel towards your little one and the overwhelming sense of love you feel while they are still in there. A month ago we had our Anomaly scan, it was fascinating taking a tour around our baby's body seeing everything in such detail. The sonographer was kind enough to narrate as she checked and took measurements so it was incredibly reassuring to hear that all was heathy and well with my new friend. We also found out that we are indeed having a little girl (as I suspected!), I was over the moon as you can imagine and even asked her to check again through teary eyes. Since then my nesting instinct has kicked in and I've been trying to find everything she will need when she arrives, it's so nice choosing outfits and bits and pieces for her new little life. I have so many pretty things I want to make her from Liberty prints I have stored away, hopefully I will find the time soon but I'm certain once I start I will not be able to stop. 
Hope you enjoy these silly photos taken on the way back from the Cinema with my little sisters, we went for a lovely stroll through my favourite park to admire the leaves and soak up some afternoon sun while discussing Perks of being a wallflower. This outfit is pretty typical for me these days, my new Tweed coat which I'm getting plenty of wear out of before it will fit no more, cosy A-line Nadinoo dresses with complimenting tights and comfy Chelsea boots which I bought to effortlessly slip on before leaving the house without the need to lace or buckle up (Bending down is no longer an easy task). 
Photography by Nadinoo

Tweed Winter Coat by Topshop
Burnt Orange Tights by Topshop
Chelsea Boots by Urban Outfitters
Shopper Bag by Zara
Nail polish by Urban Outfitters
Gloves Vintage
Odessa said...

Oh my goodness, you are too cute Nadia! Such a radiant mom-to-be! And I can only imagine the pretty little outfits for your baby girl.

P.S. I love 'Perks of a Wallflower', too. :)

Nadinoo said...

Thanks Odessa, I feel great at the moment :) I hope to make her plenty of little Nadinoos so she will look like a mini me.. Haha! x

Rosaspina Vintage said...

Pleeeease Nadia, make here a little Tweety dress *_*
I remember you telling me how you hoped to be able to blog about your pregnancy journey without making it look cheesy :) Well my lovely, let me say that you totally made it, your pictures are sweet, fun and spontaneous, and your little one will be so proud of her mommy when you'll show them to her. You can tell how much you love her already and enjoy her company! I'm very curious to see which name will be picked for mini-Nadinoo!
A big hug to both,

Kitsune-kun said...

those are the most GORGEOUS gloves! your are the cutest pregnant lady in the world:)

Nadinoo said...

Always such a sweetie Ale! Delighted you think I've made a good start, will try keep it up so there is some continuity. I'm positive you will also like the name we have chosen for her!

Thank you Kitsune-Kun, those are my favourite gloves :)

Charmaine said...

Aside from your bump, you don't look pregnant at all! Cute photos :).

rose-a-petits-pois said...

Oh my, Nadia, I can't stop looking at these pictures. You look like the most happy and beautiful lady in the world ! And I bet the little girl hiding in your tummy will have the cutest face too.
So curious about the name you chose :-)

I think you have to make her a mini mistletoe dress. It would be so adorable ! Awwwww !

A big hug from London


Q's Daydream said...

You are looking lovelier and lovelier! So exciting you're having a girl. You're going to have so much fun! xx

daria said...

you look so sweet! I love the first picture, and the nails and adorable!

Nadinoo said...

Wow thanks guys, you have put an even bigger smile on my face :D

Genevieve you lovely lady you! I was thinking the same about a mini Under the Mistletoe dress, especially as she will be born in Winter. x

PinkBow said...

The most glamorous pregnant woman I ever have seen!

Emma Lavelle said...

You look so radiant in these photos! I love seeing your photographs and recognising the places in Manchester - I don't recognise where you are here though? Where is your favourite park? My favourite place is around Chorlton meadows and waterpark - if you haven't ventured that way yet I strongly recommend! You feel like you aren't in the city anymore xx

Anonymous said...

You look so cute here! I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to be taking fashion cues from, like, Kim Kardashian or someone but your style is so beautiful and something I try my best to emulate.
I'm scraping together all my pennies to maybe be able to afford one of your dresses soon. I don't know how long I'll have to wait, but I know that your daughter is going to love looking through all your dresses from this time when she is my age. Keep them for her!

Unknown said...

love the last photo!You are like a little girl!!!
Also I cant wait to see the little clothes!
You honestly give me so much inspiration about motherhood..Something in your smile makes me all serene inside!

Small news from me..cut my hair!really short!And I was wearing your little pink dress yesterday..and it looks so new!
I really love this dress!


parfums said...

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Unknown said...

So precious! Love the chelsea boots.


Jenn from Fashion and Fringe said...

You are going to be the cutest Mom ever! How exciting...

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