29 June 2010

Treats in the post

My very own unique copy of the Werk no. 17 Eley Kishimoto arrived in the post today, was so excited to flick through the fabrics and see some of the inner workings of this clever duo. If like me you adore prints and vibrant colours this book is feast for your peepers, and does not disappoint! Packed with sketches, inspirational images and even pics from their family photo albums. With only 1000 copies made I would recommend you hurry while they are still in stock! 
Love the contrasting childhood pics of Mark Eley and Wakako Kishimoto.
Each edition uses archive Eley Kishimoto materials in a slightly different way, so that no two are exactly the same (how cute!). A bundle of four fabrics on both the front and back of the book act as its cover, with the back four folding over the spine and secured to the front with staples and dress making pins, mimicking, say Work, "a textile work-in progress". 
All photos from Creative review 

22 June 2010

Carl Kleiner

I'm not sure why these are so damn cute, I can't help but smile every time I see them. Perhaps it's cause they remind me of how my boyfriend packs any time we go away..

Photography by Carl Kleiner 

19 June 2010

Get me a Caravan

Been thinking lately how little of England I've actually seen over the years, a country I quite happily call my own. What a treat would it be to travel round the English countryside and up the coasts in one of these retro beauts? Drinking in the views and stopping on a country lay-by for a spot of tea and cake. 
If you think of how much spends go into hotels and travel, I'm sure one of these can be justified...

  All these pretty pics have been taken by Hilary Walker an Australian photographer I had the pleasure of meeting this week. Her portfolio is definitely worth a look if like me you enjoy a little nosey round peoples homes.  She is working on an exciting project for Frankie which may also include a little Nadinooness, fingers crossed we get to grace the pages..

If you are still hungry for more Caravan cool then you can also purchase the book!

Photography by Hilary Walker 

11 June 2010

Milk from a thistle

It has been a while since I've seen a collection that made me smile like this one, I just love everything! the prints, colours, silhouettes, even the simple styling. I have to admit I've been struggling for inspiration lately but this fun collection has got me excited again. 

When we finally get the chance to produce our own Nadinoo prints I hope they are as pretty and well considered as these lovelies.

This print certainly captures my imagination..

1 June 2010

N.E.E.T. Finds

N.E.E.T. Magazine June edition
Lovely surprise to find Nadinoo in N.E.E.T.'s latest issue today, loving the selection for a retro road trip.
Could really do with one myself!

I think N.E.E.T. have out done themselves this issue with so many great features on talented designer's Artists and Photographers from around the world. A real faivorite of mine is Nancy Z an illustrator from Berlin who draws the most adorable pics of her daily outfits. Was even more thrilled to see her wearing our Nadinoo Peacock blouse styled with other birdie inspired accessories.

Can't decide who is cuter Nancy or her little characters..?

Photography by Nancy Z 
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