30 March 2012

Happy Spring..

Over the past week we have been moving both home and studio into our new city apartment, it's been none stop packing and unpacking for far too long so I'm happy to have this weekend to relax and enjoy the space we now call home. It's been so beautiful here in Manchester with Spring fully on it's way. We managed to sneak out of our box ridden home to grab some rays in our nearby park in the afternoons and make the most of the lovely warm weather. I have been taking my cookbooks along to inspire yummy dishes to cook in our new spacious kitchen. I could not resist trying a batch of Banana muffins for my Mr's Birthday from the Scrumptious Muffins recipe book, there are so many good flavours in there that we LOVE and many more I can't wait to try!.  
Photography by Nadinoo

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13 March 2012

Blossom and Thistle dress

This week I have been busy sewing some of your Spring/Summer 11 favourites to have the shop re-stocked in time for warmer days. Today I worked on some Blossom and thistle dresses which sent me daydreaming I was skipping through sunny fields without a care in the world.. I dug out these pics of our good friend Rhiannon which I thought summed up the mood nicely... She is such a beautifully delicate creature, I imagine all her days to be like this one. You can see the full series of Rhiannon on her visit to Nashville here, here and here.
Photography by Liebemarlene 

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6 March 2012

Business as usual...

 On my way to the post office to drop off your lovely orders I decided to stop and take a few outfit pics. It's still strange trying to set everything up without attracting too much unwanted attention, especially in this neck of the woods. But I'm learning that if you look like you are meant to be there in a "business as usual" manner they soon loose interest and keep on moving.. Still, I don't think I will push my luck around these parts or I won't have a camera left to shoot with.
Anywho back to the outfit and all things Nadinoo! I'm so sad that Pixie's Bird a day shirt is completely sold out in cream. Your emails and comments make me wish I had ordered much more Ornithology fabric early in the season. It really has been a staple for me this season along with the green cardi (worn below) but I do think the available Blue version is just as cute and I promise to show you more fun ways to style it soon. You may also notice I had another hair cut, which is the shortest I've had it in a long while but I really like the feeling of my neck exposed. Makes me feel so dainty and small..
Thank you to Rhiannon from Liebe Marlene Vintage for this cosy vintage pinafore, it's so soft and easy to wear I'm considering a Nadinoo version with the rolls of cord I have stacked away. Perhaps I will add them to the mini Summer collection which is very slowly coming together..
Photography by Nadinoo

Coat Tibi
Cardigan Mango
Socks Topshop
Shoes Office
Bag Manchester Christmas Market

4 March 2012

Tennis - Petition (Best fit session)

A few posts ago I introduced to you the lovely Alaina from the band Tennis as she prepared for her London show to mark their UK Album launch. You can view the post here if you missed it. Well I'm now happy to share this special recording shot by The line of best fit of their new song Petition. It's such a delight to see her rocking in our very own Fleur's Moon & Stars dress, go team Nadinoo!!

If like me you can't get enough of this delightful creature and her dreamy vocals, grab a copy of the new album Young & Old here. I've been humming along uncontrollably..

1 March 2012

Lunar shadows and sunny days

Such a beautiful sunny morning I decided to nip out of the studio and take some outfit pics to share with you. Ok so I only made it as far as the car park but I think the red brick walls made a great backdrop for my Lunar Shadows dress. With the weather warming up a bit the past few weeks I can finally wear my Nadinoo dresses without the usual cardigans piled on top. And since I can't seem to wear anything without a collar these days I quite liked the petals from my Birdie shirt peeking through for a little more colour. My lovely Gran recently won a small amount in her local lottery and decided to gift each of her Granddaughters a little of her winnings. She wanted us to each buy something we love, so we can be reminded of her every time we see it. I bought this beautiful green and deep purple bag that I take with me everywhere, it's perfect for my camera, books and even a macbook if I'm feeling super strong. Thank you Gran if your reading!  
The Car park is boxed in by four different mills which were originally for spinning cotton, I would love to find some old photos of this area in it's hay day. There is only one fabric warehouse left which we have made good use of the past few seasons. These days Hope Mill is occupied by Artist, photography and design studios which is an exciting place for us to feel inspired. We have our first Studio open day on the 9th of March so it will be exciting to see everyones work. If you fancy stopping by to say hi and  see what it is we do there is a little more info here
Photography by Nadinoo

Dress Fleur's Lunar Shadows dress
Shirt Lula's Silk Birdie shirt
Tights Topshop
Shoes Office
Bag Urban Outfitters
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