2 February 2014

Cape Town Adventures

 World of Birds

With only a few weeks left in Cape Town we have been trying to make our way to the few places we have yet to see. We had promised to take Lula to the world of Birds, only a 15 minute drive from our home but for one reason or another had never made it.. So this week we trotted off down the road to see ourselves some feathery friends. I'm not sure what I was expecting but it took me by surprise how vast this place is... Set in the middle of Hout bay it felt like we had landed in a tropical rainforest. There was not a type of bird we didn't see flying over our heads and yet we only made it round a third of the sanctuary before closing time.

The outfit

I felt very at home in my Paint by numbers playsuit, camouflaging into my tropical surroundings with ease. The weather is still very very hot here so a light weight cotton playsuit or dress is the natural choice to keep me cool. I have been enjoying adding a few colourful accessories to my outfits, feels like the right thing to do while I'm in Africa. People are really not shy about wearing bright eye catching colours in bold prints, it's quite refreshing to not be the only one. 

Paint by numbers playsuit by Nadinoo (now 10% off!)
Crayon coloured bangles from African stalls
Green patent jazz shoes Labour of love

Photography by Nadinoo
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