13 September 2015

The goodlife dress travels

My name is Cecile, I live in a small hill top village called Montreal in the Languedoc region of France, just outside of Carcassonne.  A sleepy village made of sand stone buildings and mint coloured shutters.  I am an artist, a gardener, a wife and a mother.
My garden room is my sanctuary. A place to retreat to, away from the glare of the midday sun. Here I love to indulge my passions, to paint, potter and read.  My children are now grown, living in Toulouse, they visit frequently, sharing gifts of local cheeses and stories of their lives.
On days when I am working in the garden I wear my apron dress.  A soft chambray denim tunic, loose and comfortable next to my skin, with deep pockets for my secateurs and perhaps my book.
And here I live, with my lover and a cat called Olive.
 A short story by Lou from Little Green Shed

I truly love how Lou has has interpreted the Goodlife brief for our traveling dress project, writing an original story that feels perfectly fitting for this garment. With breathtaking photo's from her friends studio shot while traveling through France. Makes you want to pack a suitcase and head to the French countryside to read, create and be inspired!..

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Photos by Little Green Shed

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