23 January 2018

A warm hug from Rutland

Rutland, UK

Having the support of your local magazines has to be the most positive and encouraging way to know your neighbourhood has got your back... So it was a huge honour to have a two page article written up by Sally Stillingfleet and published in both Stamford Living and Rutland Living magazine. Both magazines I look to each month for all the local happenings.

We met up a few months back in the Lean Pantry in Oakham and had a really good chat over a hot coco and a slice of sugar free cake. Such a warm and welcoming lady that Sally is, I ended up pouring my entire life story without a moments hesitation.. She politely scribbled notes and kindly agreed on my views of how fashion had become all too fast and disposable. It was only later after I got home the vulnerability hangover set in and I desperately wished I could go back and filter all that I said. But after reading the wonderful write up, I needn't have worried! Sally totally understood my angle on fashion and presented the best looking article I feel has ever been written on Nadinoo thus far. So a whopping big thank you to Sally and Stamford/Rutland Living for the local exposure, it really put a pep in my step!

The fact that it made the cover of Rutland living was the cherry on the cake. I feel truly welcomed into this county, the smallest but best in Britain. 
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