31 August 2009


How adorable are these collages by Lyell? I just couldn't resist posting them...

29 August 2009

In my dreams

Photographed by Elena Kulikova 
What a beautiful image by Elena Kulikova, I would love to know who designed the dreamy knitwear.

28 August 2009

O Bella of Sweden

I would like to introduce you to this Swedish cutie, her blog Bella of Sweden is crammed with her amazing photography which you must have a look at. Unfortunately I can't understand any of her posts but the visuals give you a window into her fun life.

27 August 2009

DIY Bridesmaids Cards

I am in love with these pretty invites with cutout paper bridesmaids, so simple but what a treat to receive one! The best thing is now even you can make them, just follow the easy to read tutorial by once wed. I'm pretty sure you could customize them to any occasion too..
 I don't know about you but when my head is in a bit of a mess I find the easiest way to calm myself down is to give my surroundings a good clean. So if your wondering why things are a little tidier and where all the clutter has gone this is why. I hope it is now easier to read and a calmer blog to escape to! I will be redesigning the header and possibly the layout for the Autumn/Winter 09 season but for now I think this will do. 
I just want to say a big thanks to all the lovely bloggers, photographers and designers who joined in my banner swap, you are free to remove my Nadinoo banner if you wish or leave it up if you would still like to support Nadinoo. x

24 August 2009

Bow wow!

Vivetta collection Spring/Summer 09

What an adorable collection by Italian label Vivetta, I am truly inspired...

21 August 2009

Dress up Friday

Photography by Shawn Sheu

I am so excited about this weekend, as I have a special lady's hen do to attend. There are lots of fun activities planned most of which I can't reveal as to not spoil the surprise.
But tonight is dress up night and I have been trying on outfits all day, finally I settled on a peach silk kimono style dress which is a tad on the short side but I may be able to get away with it.
As I bathed in the sunshine all yesterday afternoon and had my hair cut and styled this morning I will be feeling every bit the precious lady tonight. A rare treat for moi!

Photographed by Rune Guneriussen

20 August 2009

Sunny afternoons

Photography by Anastasiya Podroyko

Since the Daily Candy article last Wednesday things have been very bust at Nadinoo, the orders and opportunities been flooding in which is more than I could have hoped for. I have decided to treat myself this afternoon as the sun is shining so brightly, I'm going to put on my Lula's sunshine set and head to the outdoor pool and catch some well earned rays.
Happy days!

19 August 2009

Ida Sjostedt

Ida Sjostedt Spring/Summer 09 Collection

What a dreamy collection, I love the first look!

18 August 2009

Unknown beauty

I adore this image, her hat is amazing!
Apologies for not knowing anything about this image, just had to share it with you.

17 August 2009

A dreamy weekend..

All Photography above by Yvette Inufio

Just a little snippet from my weekend.....
My lovely man surprised me with a huge bouquet of flowers on arrival, a fabulous candle lit meal at a wonderful restaurant and pink bubbles on the hotel room terrace at sunset, the rest I shall keep to myself and those who know me best..
Thanks my love for a dreamy weekend x x x

Photograph by Alice B Gardens

14 August 2009

a surprise romantic

Photograph by Jessica Louise

I never really thought of myself as a soppy romantic but when my boyfriend yesterday surprised me with a tiny envelope (left on my pillow) inviting me to a romantic weekend in Prague, I cried like a little girl!
I have no idea what is planned or where we are staying, I just had to pack for sunny weather, I'm so excited!!..

Photograph by Yvette Inufio

13 August 2009

Pixie girl

I have no idea where this little pretty came from or who photographed her, if anyone knows the source please let me know!
Just wanted to share her cuteness with you as she is just how I imagine Pixie my Nadinoo muse to look. I just love her fur waistcoat!

This little Pixie girls has been identified as Lily Donaldson, Thanks guys! x

12 August 2009

Daily Candy features Nadinoo

I am positively beaming today as Daily Candy London has featured Nadinoo in their fashion section, incase you are not familiar with Daily Candy it is a free daily e-mail newsletter and website updating you on all that is new and undiscovered from Fashion to food. There are also plenty of cute illustrations like the one above to keep you smiling!
Thank you
Daily Candy

10 August 2009

Jump in the pool!

Photography by Guy Aroch

As a request from Daydream Lily I have decided to join in music Mondays. With it being so hot and lovely over the weekend and fantasizing aplenty about jumping in a delicious ice cold pool, I have chosen "Jump in the pool" a cover by Lenka of the Friendly Fires track.
I just adore this version by Lenka, it sends my heart skipping.
I hope you love it as much as I do!

9 August 2009

Beaute naturelle

Photographed by Carlotta Mainago,
and illustrations by Gustaf Von Arbin

There is something so charming about a pretty illustration drawn on to a photograph that really captures the imagination, wouldn't you agree?

7 August 2009

Soft tones

Secret Squirrel SS09

I really have taken lately to soft skin tones especially when off set with another soft tone, it can look so flattering on either fair or tanned skin. I feel this Spring/Summer 09 collection by Australian label Secret Squirrel have illustrated it perfectly, I really do want every piece!

6 August 2009

Illustration inspiration

Illustration by Rachel Bone

Today these little ladies have captured my imagination with their floral dresses, bowl hair cuts and mischievous sling shots. They may have even helped me finish off my Autumn/Winter 09 collection.

4 August 2009

Happy summer days..

The beautiful picks above are taken by Ukrainian Photographer Hrystia Kaminska, I really love the delicate chiffon dress just perfect for the sunny days we have been having.
Yes, the weather has finally remembered that it's summer, hurray for the sunshine!! We even managed a BBQ on the roof terrace at the weekend.

3 August 2009

I ❤ Fake

Photographs by Jolijn Snijders

Free online fashion magazines are showing up all over the place these days I love it!
I was so happy to stumble across this Netherlands based mag "I Fake" it is packed with great photo shoots, illustrations and articles on up and coming designers.
If like me you have just discovered them there are 12
back issues to browse through.
I Fake

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