14 August 2009

a surprise romantic

Photograph by Jessica Louise

I never really thought of myself as a soppy romantic but when my boyfriend yesterday surprised me with a tiny envelope (left on my pillow) inviting me to a romantic weekend in Prague, I cried like a little girl!
I have no idea what is planned or where we are staying, I just had to pack for sunny weather, I'm so excited!!..

Photograph by Yvette Inufio

van lau said...

awww your boyfriend is so sweet <3

Hannah Elise said...

That is so charming! Have fun:)!

Anonymous said...

such beautiful pictures and a lovely blog ♥

bags'n style said...

cool idea ;-)
hope you enjoy yourselves!!!

Nadinoo said...

Thanks my lovelies!
Had a dreamy weekend filled with delicious food, wine, and romance.. ahhhhhh bliss x x x

Steph Granshaw said...

ahh! Romance is so important..my Hubby took me to Prague too not long after we met, it was very cold & lots of snow but that was around October time, if you like classical music it's deffo worth going to see a concerto whilst you're there, enjoy! :))

Nadinoo said...

Hey Steph,
Yeh! my last experience of Prague was torrential rain, so happy I got to see in glorious sunshine. I would love to say I was refined enough for classical music but I'd much rather see a good live band. Thanks for the tip though! x

Theo said...

It very important to make surprising gift, you so lucky have a romantic boyfriend and knowing your interest.

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