25 October 2017

Slow fashion October

My heart nearly stopped when I first laid eyes on this beautiful scene of Katrien taking in the morning sunrise outside her home.. What a beautiful soul and pioneer of slow living, giving us precious glimpses of her idyllic family life in the Italian hills @growingwildthings 

An honour to see Katrien enjoying her Nadinoo clothing, wearing our Cross back pinafore stitched in midnight navy linen and draped in our soft check top. Here is her post with thought provoking words in support of the slow fashion movement and a special discount on our Simple wear collection.

growingwildthings"Today started with the most incredible morning mist as the heavy sea of clouds that gather in the valley at night made it's way up towards the october sun... And so I put on my favourite dress, and asked Francesco to snap some pictures of me. Just me. No props. No babies... And as usual I found that quite hard... I'm never really at ease in front of the camera. And so there's a bunch of pictures of me, trying my very best to look glamourous, but in the end it was this one that Francesco took when I thought we were already 'done' that I ended up liking best... • Anyway, I really wanted to come here today because I wanted to tell you about how October is SLOW FASHION month; a month to celebrate all the brave men and women that choose to go against the tidal wave of the fast fashion industry by designing and creating garments in conditions that are safe, sustainable and free of exploitation; men and women that try to make a living for themselves and their families by following their dreams... and that by doing so, often create job opportunities for other people as well... even if it isn't always easy to bring a slow product in an ever faster world... • And as a way to give voice to these amazing initiatives, I have teamed up with my sweet friend Nadia, who is the talented designer behind one of my favourite slow fashion brands @nadinooclothing. Nadia makes all her amazing designs to order to meet your dreams for the perfect dress/overall/shirt to match your wardrobe... so go and have a look at her gorgeous Instagram account! And if there's something there that truly makes your heart sing, you can use the code GROWINGWILDTHINGS to get a 15% discount! (valid until december 2017) • And how about you? What are your favourite slow fashion brands? Let's share the word! Let's share the love!"

Worn by Tina Sosna

One of the great pleasures of designing clothing is seeing them worn by talented ladies across the globe. I never tire of seeing how each woman wears her Nadinoo garment and styles it in a new and inspiring way. Tina Sosna an enchanting illustrator and photographer from Turingia, Germany certainly qualifies for all the above. Not only does she have her own online stationary shop titled Lovely Envelopes with beautifully illustrated notebooks, envelopes, stickers and much more, but she also takes mood evoking photography and stunning short films shared though her Instagram feed and on her blog

I couldn't wait to share this autumnal shoot of her picking fruit and berries in the woods, all of course while wearing her Ecru Goodlife pinafore. Delighted to announce we have this popular style re-socked and ready for you to pop in your basket. A shame we can't offer you a basket as cute as Tina's.. 

14 July 2017

Free Shipping Weekend

It's been a long week here at Nadinoo so it seemed right to celebrate the weekends arrival with free shipping on all UK and international orders. Use code FREEDELIVERY at the check out to enjoy!

11 July 2017

S i m p l e w e a r

" Born from our love of functional clothing, a strong desire for comfort and ease in our journey through womanhood. A collection of well considered garments in natural fibers, designed to inspire and compliment your simple wear wardrobe." 
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Photography by Nadia Izruna
Model Natacha M (Alan Sherman)
Make up Jessica Nurse
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