17 January 2019

Slow directory

Rutland, UK
For years I’ve been compiling a list of my favourite ethical UK clothing labels, hoping to one day organise some events or collaborate to bring us together as a community to celebrate the Slow fashion movement and shine a more powerful spot light on the changes needed to make this industry more sustainable.

So I decided a great starting point would be to set up an online Slow directory with a carefully curated list of concious designers, makers and artisan crafters for you to discover and get behind. All who are working hard to give you a more mindful alternative to fast fashion.

I think most of us now are of the mind set that we want to buy fewer but better items in our life, investing our money in companies with a conscience who are trying to make our world a better place. I understand though it's not always easy to find the right brands with products that suit our taste levels, especially when our list of demands is increasing by the day in our quest to shop more mindfully. We want quality materials that have been responsibly sourced with no or little damaging effects to the environment, durability in construction so we can wash and wear the item knowing it will endure and possibly get even better with age, we even want the item to look unique and refined so that it fits in with our tasteful capsule wardrobe knowing it will get maximum wear.. and of course the knowledge that the item has been made under fair humane conditions by people who love and respect their craft.
Well, I think I've got you covered with this Slow directory line up and I'd very much like to hear about your ethical favourites if not listed so I can possibly extend the list or even open it up to an international audience in future. 

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28 October 2018

Assembly Market 17th-18th November - London

So excited to be taking part in the first Assembly Market this November in Stoke Newington London, joining a huge line up of amazing designers, makers and artists for the weekend. This event has been expertly curated by Jannine Newman the talent behind clothing label Under the cloth. She has poured her heart and soul into making this event a special one so I hope you can make it over and support some great home grown businesses.

I can't wait to share with you the Shibui wear collection to get your thoughts and feedback on the range, I will have a couple of rails with ready made wears hanging for you to try on, buy and take home.

Here is a small teaser of The Assembly Market line up:

Even if you can't attend it would be wonderful if you click through to the Independents above and show them some festive support. I've already made a "Christmas Wish list"of beautiful items I hope to purchase over the weekend for friends and family. Would love to hear what you have your eye on...

S h i b u i w e a r

Shubui objects appear to be simple overall but they include subtle details, such as textures, that balance simplicity and complexity. This balance of simplicity and complexity ensures that one does not tire of a Shibui object but constantly finds new meaning and enriched beauty that cause it's aesthetic value to grow over years.

The Japanese concept of Shibui fit so perfectly with my intentions for this collection, I wanted to share and celebrate with you the ideals that encompass this beautiful philosophy.

3 March 2018

Simplewear in Rutland

On a windy afternoon we took an arm full of Simple wears and headed out to Rutland Water, hoping to capture the garments in the natural environment that inspired the collection. 

Photography by Amira
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