31 December 2009

Hair dance...

Photography by Saga 

I was so excited to find out that Saga had photographed the new Winter collections of kronbykronkron, I was so smitten with the last one she did for their summer collection.  The winery styling is just too cute for words, who'd have thought that heavy kintwear would look so right with frilly knickerbockers!

Happy New Year!

24 December 2009

As cute as can be..

Illustrations by Anja Verdugo

How can you resist these cute little drawings?
The clever nettle will be selling them as prints very soon, I have my eye on the final two just need to figure out how to shrink myself so I can wear them...

21 December 2009

Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?

Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon Levitt

After watching 500 days of Summer again last night I was left craving a little more of the cute twosome, to my delight today I stumbled across this short music video on Lily and the Muse.
Hope you enjoy it as much as me!
I've been watching so many old Hepburn movies lateley I feel I could also burst into song and dance at any given moment..

Sitting pretty

Photography by Glynis Selina Arban

I was browsing through one of my new faiv blogs Lace & Tea and came accross these amazing photographs, I just had to share them along with my new found love for pleated chiffon. All the clothing is from The Garment Room which holds an amazing selection of Designer vintage clothing based in New York. I would love to get my hands on the first two beauties although don't think they sell online.. I think a visit to New York is in order!

20 December 2009

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14 December 2009

Julia Blank

Photography by Julia Blank

I've been meaning to post these beautiful photographs by Julia for a while now, I just love the final one it reminds me of Alice in wonderland for some reason. Can't wait to watch Tim Burton's version when it's out in the new year.
If you enjoyed these pretty photo's by the talanted Germany photographer don't forget to browse through her portfolio.

11 December 2009

Colour V black & white

Photography by Hrystia Kaminska

I've been posting quite a lot of black and white images lately without realizing,  I noticed when I was about to post the images below then thought how amazing the colour shots are too.  Why choose though when you can have both..!

Photography by Hrystia Kaminska

8 December 2009

Cheeky 40's inspiration

Had an amazing trip to London, it was none stop work but very worth while. So much exciting Nadinoo things happening behind the scenes but I shall save it till closer the time.  Since getting back yesterday I have been catching up on all your lovely orders, almost there just one more day and I think we will be back on track.

There was an amazing article on Nadinoo published on Divine Caroline while I was away and a whole 3 page interview with myself. If you fancy finding out a little more about me head over to Divine Caroline, apologies if I come across a tad boring, I'm hoping my life will become a little more rock and roll when I move to London!

2 December 2009

Off to London to see the queen..

Not really just going to see Liberty to select some fabrics for the SS10 season and meeting up with a few boutiques, should all be fun, fun, fun!
Some very exciting news is that Nadinoo is moving to London in the New Year, we are also hoping this will help us expand and begin stocking in lovely boutiques around the world.

Photography by Fish Bear

If you have put in an order and not received a sent confirmation this means I will be taking care of it when I am back on Monday, apologies for the delay have been sewing all hours to try get orders out. The online boutique will be open as usual so if you want to place an order for x-mas delivery I recommend doing so sooner rather than later to avoid any disappointment.
I will be taking my Macbook with me so feel free to email me any queries and I will try get back to you asap.

Right, must rush and pack, will be nice getting dresses for things other than sewing..

30 November 2009

November Giveaway winner!

Thank you all so much for taking part in the November Giveaway, the response was amazing with over 350 entries from all over the globe. So nice to know Nadinoo has such a diverse following!

Unfortunately there could be only one winner, s0 using the random number generator a number was selected. 
I'm delighted to announce the winner of the Pixie's blouse dress is.........

Valerie Tan from Sunny Singapore

Huge congratulations my dear, I hope you enjoy your new pretty dress forever more.

As so many of you entered we thought you might like to use your 15% discount for one more day.

Keep your peepers peeled for the x-mas giveaway happening really soon.

28 November 2009

Autumn in New York 1942

Photography by Steven Meisel

I understand that Autumn has come and gone and we are descending into Winter now but I can't help hold on these amazing colours. Such beautiful styling, makes me wish I was born in the days were ladies wore gloves, hats, shawls and petticoats..

23 November 2009


My cutie friend Hien doodled up these Nadinoo beauts in her spare time, I just love the detail she has gone into with the prints, peacock perfection me thinks!

Illustrations by Hien Nguyen

20 November 2009

Friday night hair ideas

Just a quick post before I start to get ready for a few tipples in town, wondering if this hairstyle is a little too ambitious even for a Friday....

16 November 2009

Back to brunette

Photography by Edwin 

As mentioned a few posts previously I was having a dilemma as to whether I should grow my hair as a blond or a brunette. On Friday I finally took the plunge and dyed my hair back to it's original dark brunette shade and I have to say I'm delighted with the result! Although I really enjoyed being a blond for two years I feel more at home with my natural colour and definitely more myself. So thank you for all your advice and lovely comments that helped make this decision.

Above are some lovely pics by New York based photographer Edwin Tse, a close friend of a dear customer who Nadinoo may work with in the future. He has such a fabulous portfolio of work of which I'm sure I will draw more inspiration from in the future, I hope you enjoy his work! 

13 November 2009

Girl crush

Illustrations by Mercedes Helnwein

After flicking through the much awaited new issue of Lula magazine I came across the wonderful Austrian born illustrator Mercedes Helnwein. The more I looked into this lady the more besotted I became with her and the darling characters she illustrates. Such a lovely vintage feel to them all, they remind me a little of the 70's "Peter and Jane" books I was taught to read from.
You can also see a short film of Mercedes at work in her incredible studio, just take a rewarding trip to the Lula website.

11 November 2009

Winter styling

Photography and styling Julia Galdo

As I mentioned in the previous post I'm in love with 30's and 40's styling. Perhaps because it's freezing winter here already and wrapping up in woolen ponchos, faux fur shaws with dainty tailored gloves is a really elegant way to keep warm. I have been practicing pinning my hair into this style, still needs a bit of work but looks great with bright red lipstick.

10 November 2009

The Edge of love

Beautiful photography by Wendy Bevan

I did promise more photography by the talanted Wendy Bevan, and here they are! I really love the colours she has contrasted in these photos and the war time styling. I am falling in love more and more with this era, encouraged slightly by watching "The Edge of love" finally. I use to hate Keira Knightley with a passion, but this film may have turned all that around, her Welsh accent isn't that bad either. I would highly reccomend this film, if like me you love watching films for the costumes alone. April Ferry has done such an amazing job, she talks a little about her inspiration on the website.
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