28 December 2013

Merry days of late

We made a special effort this year to bring the festive vibes into our home, making the most of every opportunity to celebrate. A welcome visit from my sister and her boyfriend made for the perfect excuse to roast a leg of lamb and mulled some wine.
Photography by Nadinoo

Feeling a little sad that our days in South Africa are coming to an end, it's been a wonderful year with many life changing experiences I will never forget. But with the new year come lots of exciting changes as we return to England and back into to our cosy Manchester abode. Will be nice to soak up some family time and for Lula to bask in the love and affection of her doting Gramps, aunts and uncles.

A Merry Christmas to you all and a Happy New Year, lets hope 2014 is a gooden..

4 December 2013

Cape Town Adventures

Botanical Gardens of Kirstenbosch

One of the first places we visited and fell in love with when moving to Cape Town was the Botanical Gardens in Kirstenbosch. I know very little about plants but even a novice like me can appreciate that there is some pretty special stuff growing in this beautiful landscape. I don't think we will ever find a more enchanting place to lay a blanket and play with our little one.
Photography by Nadinoo

27 October 2013

Days of September

I promised more frequent days of late posts than I've managed recently, don't know how other blogging mothers do it but I can never seem to find the perfect moment to sit with the laptop and my thoughts. While Lula is napping in the day there are always a million little jobs more pressing I need to hurriedly do before she wakes. I'm sure other mums can sympathise.. But still I have to say life is pretty swell of late I love being busy and finding sweet joy in the simplest of tasks...
Photography by Nadinoo

Good luck charm a gift from my Grandma
Rain drop fabric drying in the wash house 
Colour me in dress waiting to be finished
Holding my friends brand new little Ophelia
Lula in the big girls chair
Another batch of muffins in the making
Finished product (Banana, Pecan and date muffin) for our family recipe book
Apples for Lula- girl LOVES em
Father and daughter looking more alike by the day
Admiring our living room view of Hout Bay
Favourite Libyan meal- Fasulia
Latest herb garden

19 September 2013

Back in the studio

The past few weeks have gone by in a flash while I sew and prepare the new Play by numbers styles for the shop. I was a little afraid after taking almost 9 months off that I may have forgotten how to sew a dress from scratch, but of course it all came flooding back along with that wonderful rush I get when a small run of dresses are hanging neatly in the cupboard.  
Photography by Nadinoo

You have all been so wonderful and supportive with the launch of this collection, whether you have blogged, tweeted, facebooked or purchased a piece from the shop! Thank you all soo much, I feel blessed to have such a kind online following. 
x x x

2 September 2013

Play by Numbers

These beautiful photographs shot by Jenny & Lee for our Play by Numbers collection have been sitting pretty under my hat for a while now. I'm happy at long last to be able to lift said hat and share them with you! Thank you so much for baring with me while I find my feet here in south Africa, I hope this collection was worth the wait :) Now I really must get back to my sewing machines in order to have these dresses ready for their release dates...

Photography Jenny & Lee
Model Hannah Keussner (Union)
Hair & Make up Natsumi Watanabe
Styling Nadia Izruna
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