24 December 2012

Cape Town Adventures

We are slowly settling to our new life here in Cape Town, helped greatly by the ever shining sun and breathtaking mountain and sea views that follow you around the city. One place we discovered recently that made us feel very at home was the Neighbourgoods Market at the Biscuit Mill. With stylish colourful goods stacked neatly and a huge artisan food hall crammed with everything yummy your heart may desire. I'm certain we will be back each Saturday to fill our boots.
Photography by Nadinoo

13 December 2012

Behind the scenes "Play by numbers"

I can't remember exactly when it was I started work on this collection, but for one reason or another it was pushed further and further back. However I am now pleased to announce that after much hard work and manic last minute pressure it is complete and will hopefully be released in March 2013. I'm so pleased with the result and just as enthusiastic about it as when I begun designing the collection. I really wanted to create some recognisable Nadinoo shapes that were both easy to wear and versatile enough to come back to again and again. There is always a small section of your wardrobe that is worn far more than the rest and I wanted to tap into key pieces from my own wardrobe and refine them to ensure you get the most out of your Nadinoo's on a daily basis. 
The concept for this collection came from a very wet and miserable English Summer, which forced us to make the best of things and encouraged us to be creative with our time. Finding new ways to keep ourselves entertained and stimulated. Going back to those early school days and picking up our paint brushes without fear of the outcome, digging out our favourite board games to challenge our minds and learn once again how to have fun with simple play. This I hope explains the title of this collection Play by numbers. For me this also conjured up a simple palette of primary colours with a few Summer notes that make us feel inspired by the basics.
As there are still quite a few months before this collection is released I didn't want to give too much away, but I hope these shots taken behind the scenes of the shoot will give you a nice little taster.
Photography by Nadinoo
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