28 March 2010

People at work

Beautiful photography by Tommy (This is Naive blog ) of Susie Cowie at work

So excited to see the first addition of "People at work"by Tommy from the blog This is Naive. Susie Cowie's work is just so delicate and beautiful, seeing a glimpse into her world feels so special and unique. I will definitely be seeking out her work round London, those little embodied bows are just too adorable.

I have also fallen in love with the blog This is Naive, seeing the world through Tommy's eyes is far more interesting I find. She only posts original photographs taken herself letting the photographs tell the story. I was lucky enough to meet the talented writer/photographer Tommy a  few weeks ago, she is such an interesting lady who I could have chatted to for hours on end! She is going to do a "People at work" piece on Nadinoo in April so you will get a peek behind the scenes of my new London studio/ apartment, think it may be time for a spring cleaning...

I hope to resume to regular posting soon, I have busy getting up to date with all your many wonderful orders.
Thanks again for your kind patience while we adjust to the move, almost there now!

22 March 2010


We have teamed up with the N.E.E.T. blog to offer you free shipping on our SS10 collection in the
Nadinoo online boutique for the next 7 days.

Happy Shopping!

*Please note all other seasons are regular shipping prices.

18 March 2010

FOUND our dear stockist

I was delighted to escape the studio yesterday and visit FOUND  one of our newest stockists in the very beautiful town of Bath, England. 

Only a week after opening it's doors it already looks like a well loved space with so many hidden treasures to be found and enjoyed amongst the antique furnishings

Was so nice to see Nadinoo dresses hanging in the shop window and snuggling happily amongst other beautiful garments and accessories from undiscovered labels from around the globe.  I could have stayed their all day happily trying on stripy tops and drinking in that amazing view over Bath's weir. If your ever in the area you should definitely pop in to see the cuteness for yourself and say hi to Olivia!
FOUND Boutique
17 Argyle Street,
Bath, BA2 4BQ
Opening times

tel. +44 (0) 1225 422001

Pattern lab

Really can't get enough of these cutie illustrations for Eley Kishimoto's latest collection, giving me some fresh inspiration to get cracking on the the A/W 10 collection.  The Liberty fabrics I chose also have a hand rendered feel to them, with little animals popping up here and there. I think I'd like to have a little story to accompany the Winter season, perhaps displayed like a book.. 
hmmmm.... any ideas?

12 March 2010

SS10 Mood Part 4

Nadinoo SS10
Photography Marlies Dattler
Hair & Make up Sandra
Stylist & Designer Nadia Izruna

I hope you have enjoyed the installments from the Nadinoo Spring Summer mood shoot, I thought you may like to view them a little bigger than on the home page.
Here are some of this weeks lovely bloggers who have been so kind to share the Nadinoo collection with their readers:

9 March 2010

SS10 Mood Part 3

Nadinoo SS10
Photography Marlies Dattler
Hope your enjoying the mood installments, they are now flicking away on teh Nadinoo home page, such beautiful photographs I love each and every one.. 

Many thanks for all the lovely bloggers who have been spreading the love on our SS10 collection, here are just a few links:

8 March 2010

SS10 Mood Part 2

Nadinoo SS10
Photography Marlies Dattler

7 March 2010

SS10 Mood Part 1

Nadinoo SS10
Photography Marlies Dattler

Part 2 coming soon....

5 March 2010

Hurray! First Spring/Summer 10 pieces now online

The sun is shining here in London a perfect day to launch the Spring/Summer season. The first few styles are now available to buy in our online boutique. Thank you for all the wonderful feedback so far on the collection, your comments really brighten up my busy days.

Marlies sent me the final mood images last night, all I can say is "WOW" you are in for a treat.  Can't wait to have them flicking away on the Nadinoo home page.

2 March 2010

Peak behind the scenes Part 2


Behind the scenes of the Nadinoo SS10 Looks shoot
Happy snapper Isabelle Ko 
Model: Kerstin Elfeldt (PS Models), Photographer: Marlies Dattler (Pixie red hair), 
Me (Tiny brunette in orange tights)

Apologies, I have been meaning to post these dear pics from our looks shoot in Munich but as our internet connection is still not up and running yet, I’m having to nip to a café every few hours just to send an email. Anywhooza I had a hard time selecting the pics without showing you the entire collection before Friday (SS10 launch day!), but wanted you to get a real feel of what the day was like. Working with Marlies (photographer) is always a pleasure, she is so relaxed and chatty making the day seem more like playtime rather than work.
I have to admit the days/weeks leading up the shoot I’m usually a stressed out crazy lady desperately finishing off dresses whilst sewing on buttons and buying styling shoes & accessories in-between. It’s not a pretty sight, I also loose any sense of humor I once had especially concerning “the samples”. But then seeing it all come together on the day of shooting is always the most rewarding and also reassuring to know ideas have worked and realized outside my head. 
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