11 March 2015

Change in direction

I'm not sure of the exact point where fashion left me behind.. perhaps it decide to move on when I was exploring life in South Africa or while I was busy raising my little girl. But I no longer walk into stores and feel that excitement about clothing that I once felt. I'm certain they did not have me in mind when choosing their design direction for the seasons. Either way I'm happy fashion chose not to include me in it's plans as I now feel a greater need to find that spark that got me excited about clothing in the very beginning. I don't think I have ever struggled for inspiration in the past, normally I'd have an over spill of ideas that left me eager to get designing the next collection, but I feel like I've been dragging my heals somewhat with this one. And I know you have taken note..
The truth is I can't design something that I would not wear today and as my day to day needs for clothing have changed, so have my ideas of what makes a great design. Clothing now needs to fit in with my everyday life as a working mother and all the glamorous demands that brings.. Although comfort, smart and simple are high on my wish list I'm certainly not ready to slip away from the fun side of fashion all together. I still lust after bold prints, vibrant colours, quality fabrications and originality in design and see no reason why all these can not come together to create an exciting alternative to what is available. So with all this in mind I have found some fresh enthusiasm and a new design direction for Nadinoo that I hope you will love. 


This style was one of the first pieces I designed for the new Nadinoo 2015 offering and ticks all the boxes for me in terms of function, style and comfort. I feel I could wear this design in almost any print and fabrication everyday of the week. I can see other creatives throwing on this loose number before heading out to their design studios ready to roll up their sleeves and get thoroughly inspired for the day ahead.

Photography by amira made
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