1 March 2012

Lunar shadows and sunny days

Such a beautiful sunny morning I decided to nip out of the studio and take some outfit pics to share with you. Ok so I only made it as far as the car park but I think the red brick walls made a great backdrop for my Lunar Shadows dress. With the weather warming up a bit the past few weeks I can finally wear my Nadinoo dresses without the usual cardigans piled on top. And since I can't seem to wear anything without a collar these days I quite liked the petals from my Birdie shirt peeking through for a little more colour. My lovely Gran recently won a small amount in her local lottery and decided to gift each of her Granddaughters a little of her winnings. She wanted us to each buy something we love, so we can be reminded of her every time we see it. I bought this beautiful green and deep purple bag that I take with me everywhere, it's perfect for my camera, books and even a macbook if I'm feeling super strong. Thank you Gran if your reading!  
The Car park is boxed in by four different mills which were originally for spinning cotton, I would love to find some old photos of this area in it's hay day. There is only one fabric warehouse left which we have made good use of the past few seasons. These days Hope Mill is occupied by Artist, photography and design studios which is an exciting place for us to feel inspired. We have our first Studio open day on the 9th of March so it will be exciting to see everyones work. If you fancy stopping by to say hi and  see what it is we do there is a little more info here
Photography by Nadinoo

Dress Fleur's Lunar Shadows dress
Shirt Lula's Silk Birdie shirt
Tights Topshop
Shoes Office
Bag Urban Outfitters
Annarack said...

Your dress is fandabbydosey

Rosaspina Vintage said...

It's so nice to see that you've been blessed by sunny days as well! And I agree, so good to be able to swirl in my nadinoos without piling cardigans on top of them ;)
You look ever so pretty Nadia!
A big hug,

Kenzie and Maddy said...

Love this! Love the pretty collar peeking out over the dress!

Nadinoo said...

Thank you my lovelies! You are the sweetest x

Charmaine said...

I love this! The brick walls really complement the dress.

Nicola said...
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Annalise said...

Aw, your granny is such a sweet heart. It seems like you picked the perfect thing for yourself as a bag is something you can carry with you every day. I'm loving the way that you layered the blouse under the dress so just that little collar is peeking out. So cute! And that brick really is a stellar background. Enjoy the sunshine this weekend.

hannah kristina metz said...

Ohh most adorable! xx

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