People at work


Beautiful photography by Tommy (This is Naive blog ) of Susie Cowie at work

So excited to see the first addition of "People at work"by Tommy from the blog This is Naive. Susie Cowie's work is just so delicate and beautiful, seeing a glimpse into her world feels so special and unique. I will definitely be seeking out her work round London, those little embodied bows are just too adorable.

I have also fallen in love with the blog This is Naive, seeing the world through Tommy's eyes is far more interesting I find. She only posts original photographs taken herself letting the photographs tell the story. I was lucky enough to meet the talented writer/photographer Tommy a  few weeks ago, she is such an interesting lady who I could have chatted to for hours on end! She is going to do a "People at work" piece on Nadinoo in April so you will get a peek behind the scenes of my new London studio/ apartment, think it may be time for a spring cleaning...

I hope to resume to regular posting soon, I have busy getting up to date with all your many wonderful orders.
Thanks again for your kind patience while we adjust to the move, almost there now!


SophieSweetVintage said...

The pictures are really inspiring! Thnaks for sharing. Didn't know This is naive yet.


Great work,very inspring ;)