29 July 2009

Bat for Lashes

It's great that all my favorite lady singers are inspiring my wardrobe now too. Bat for Lashes is just one of the trendy ladies, she has been playing quite a lot lately in my studio while I work on Autumn/Winter 09.
I think a little of her style may accidentally trickle into the collection.
You can find more amazing pics of this cutie on her official website.

26 July 2009

I love this lady and her machine..

23 July 2009

1920's dream wedding!

All images © joshgoleman

I am in love with these beautiful photos from Ginny + Ed's Wedding
I mean if you are going to have a theme you might as well choose one you can dress up in beautiful vintage clothing!

19 July 2009

Under the cherry moon..

Here are my faiv images from Ellery's amazing new Autumn/Winter 09 collection.
I adore the model's fiery red hair, if I hadn't accidentally dyed mine light brown yesterday instead of the dark blond I was originally after I could have given it a try.

17 July 2009

Folk lover

I am so happy to share the cuteness of Catherine Campbell's illustrations with you, they are all so pretty and beautifully drawn. I really want to be this cute little character of her's with her amazing head wear, poncho's and giant tea cups.
She also has a magical blog with all her latest scribbles, I feel inspired to pick up my pencils this weekend and have a little doodle.

14 July 2009


12 July 2009

Deerling's dear blog

I love finding new blogs that make you all warm and fuzzy inside, it's kind of like finding a new friend you know you can visit anytime you like. Well Deerling is my latest happy find through one of my dearest blog friends Daydream Lily. I have to admit I am not much of a reader when it comes to blogs, I enjoy the visual side far more but this Deerling cutie has captured my attention. Her posts are a delight to read fully capturing the soft sweet mood of her photography blog, I like how even the newest of blogger's can get it so right.

10 July 2009

A welcome distraction..

I have been trying to work on my Autumn/Winter 09 collection all morning but have been incredibly distracted by Viktor Vauthier's photography blog. The girls he photographs are absolute beauties with flowing long hair and incredibly skinny legs, they always look like they are having the time of their life when shooting. I'm so jealous!!

7 July 2009


I am head over heals for this lush fashion magazine, it is the closest thing to Lula I have found. Super soft and feminine with exciting layouts and sweet articles, even sweeter as I can save a tree and purchase the digital online version.

6 July 2009

Leanne Lim-Walker

These beautifully shot photo's were taken by the clever Leanne, a 19 year old photography student from England. I love the stillness of these pictures despite the model being in mid air and in floaty dresses.
For more pics from this young talent take a peek at her deviant art page.

5 July 2009

ahhh to be the Sevigny...

I think I have always admired this cool cat, but then again I can't think of anyone who hasn't?

2 July 2009

A heat wave inspiration..

We have been having some super hot days this week, the need to wear delicate underwear as outerwear has never been so necessary.
Here is a little mood board I put together to show you the kind of clothes I wish I had right now in this blistering heat.

Beautiful lingerie by Stella

1 July 2009

Lullie vintage

I love this Lullie Vintage shoot, it's so beautifully styled. I haven't quite figured out how to buy from their ebay store, so I can't yet look as cute as these chickadees..
Lullie Vintage
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