28 December 2011

The Christmas checklist...

I have really enjoyed the festive season this year and quite sad it's already coming to an end. Was such a treat having time off to catch up with friends and family and cook them plenty of yummy food. I thought it would be nice to round it up with a few photo highlights before I dig out the party frock for New Years.
 The shop will be back up and running on the 2nd of January. Hope you all have a fabulous New Years Eve and bring it in 2012 with a giggle...

Windy walks

Me and my darling little sister Amira decided to go for a walk around the Quays today not quite realising how windy it was out. Wrapped in my new Tibi Mac I decided to brave it and try take a few  photos along the way. I'm slowly getting a little braver stepping out in front of the camera (even when it's blowing a gale) so there may be a few more outfit posts on the blog in the New year.
Photography by Nadinoo

Coat Tibi
Dress Nadinoo
Bag Rennes 
Socks Topshop
Nail polish Urban outfitters
Shoes Office
Cardigan Run & Fly

23 December 2011

Sounds of the Woods - The little film

Director & Producer Carrie Harwood
Cinematographer & Colourist Miguel Santana
Designer & Stylist Nadia Izruna (ME)
Hair & Makeup Emily Dodge
Song by Emiliana Torrini 

I'm so pleased to finally share this little treat of a film with you, feels like a special gift for Christmas. Can't tell you how much fun this film was to put together and have our characters Pixie, Fleur & Lula depicted for the first time. It was a real pleasure to work with Carrie from wishwishwish, an incredibly talented lady bursting with creativity. Together we had so many complimenting ideas on how to bring the AW11 concept to life and I could not be happier with the final result. How adorable is our young model Rosalind? she played each character to perfection, adding her own delicate charm to each roll. 
Thank you to the whole team for all your hard work. 

I hope you enjoy the film and share it with your friends.
Happy Christmas
 x x x

9 December 2011

Betty and a brew

I was so excited this morning to receive my copy of the first printed issue of Betty. I have been waiting for a magazine to come along that rivals our much loved Frankie and happy to say I feel like Betty is her young British cousin. I don't know why reading a printed copy is so much better than viewing it online but for me it really makes such a difference. It's probably the same reason I can't quite bring myself to buy a kindle this Christmas (sorry if anyone has already), I just love flicking through the pages and getting thoroughly involved with a book or magazine. My increasing love for Betty has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact our Sounds of the Woods collection makes a healthy feature... there really is good deal more to keep my peepers fixed to the Winter issue. With so much going on here it's nice to have a little break and curl up with a magazine and a brew (English for cup of tea). I don't want to give away too much as I'm sure your waiting for your own copy to arrive, but I thought you might like a little peek inside mine.. 
Photography by Nadinoo

Have you got your Issue yet?  

29 November 2011

Out and about in Sunny Blackpool

I remember visiting Blackpool as a child, thinking it was the most exciting place on earth. Sadly like many of England's sea side resorts Blackpool is looking a little tired but it's always nice to revisit a place with so many fun childhood memories. Having grown up in the north of England Blackpool was our Disneyland, it had everything a little Nadinoo could want from a day out.. 
A real highlight for me and the Mr was seeing the comedy carpet which sits proudly in front of Blackpool tower. If your in the area it's definitely worth a visit!

Coat Orla Kiely
Dress Nadinoo
Tights Accessorise
Shoes Office

25 November 2011

A little treat to keep you sweet!

Today we were hoping to release the first of the Winter styles, but despite how hard we have been working, they are not quite shop ready. So as a little treat instead we would like to offer you FREE shipping on all orders made this weekend, just don't forget to use the code 7RCEUC when you get to the checkout!

18 November 2011

A sneak peek in the Woods...

A few days ago I was fortunate to have a day out of the studio and into the woods with a young talented team working on an exciting collaborative project. It was such a wonderful day playing dress up and bringing our AW11 collection to life. As you can tell by these picks I was enjoying getting up close and personal with nature (like a good little Pixie) and making friends with squirrels, rabbits, crows and other woodland creatures who dropped by to say hello! I hope you enjoy this little teaser and it gets you excited about what we were up to...
Photography by Nadinoo

14 November 2011

Winter 11 Sounds of the Woods

Mysteries are always solved with an open mind, Fleur finds her answers in the moon and the stars.  She knows well that nature tells the truth and what is more beautiful than a world that is loving and kind?...
Winter 11 Coming Soon

With the festive season only round the corner we thought it the perfect time to show what we had in store for you this Christmas. All these lovelies will start to make an appearance in the shop from November 25th, hope you find a little something for your wish list.. x
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