30 November 2015

Play by numbers back in-stock

 We have been getting so many requests lately for sold out styles from our Play by numbers collection, we decided to begin an epic search for those archive Liberty prints.. After much success we are delighted to be offering the following styles for a limited time only.


6 November 2015

The goodlife dress travels

I have been lucky enough not only to have this dress during half term, but also to have taken it travelling further as we enjoyed a brief stay in the south of Wales, that in itself is a fairly good life wouldn’t you say? More than the geography though this post encapsulates some of the best things in life, to my mind at least. My firstborn, no longer a baby but a teenager, the child who has helped me find my feet as a mother and a girl who is growing into such a beautiful person. I couldn’t be prouder of who she is. Not at all.
When I ask her to wear a dress for me to photograph she just shrugs and says ‘ok.’
A little later she says ‘I really love this dress.’
‘Let’s go to the beach in it’ I say…
I have always been drawn to the water, a swimmer since before I can remember. The day we visited Penbryn beach was calm and grey, cool and quiet. What struck me was how few birds there were here, the sky was empty. Not filled with the shrieks and cries of the gulls at home, the sound here was the gentle rumble of the breaking waves on the shore. The scent that of soft salty air with the odd gust of wind to throw strands of hair across our faces. Magical. We collected the rocks with the lines around them, wishing rocks, or near enough. A true wishing rock has a single unbroken line around it with no other lines at all. Folklore will tell you to keep it in your pocket, make your wishes on it, it will help them to come true…
After the beach we drove home (home for the weekend at least) and had hot tea and biscuits. The sun sets in front of the house, a glorious sight. Simple pleasures are by far and away my favourite, this was a day I will cherish for a long time, a day full of happiness and contentment.
Words by Julia of Humphrey & Grace

All words and images by Humphrey and Grace

I feel this instalment of the Goodlife dress travels has been the perfect antidote to what has been a grey and gloomy week. Julia's words and imagery of her darling daughter in the south of wales have taken me to a calming place I very much needed to visit. I hope you enjoyed it as much as me and feel compelled to visit her blog Humphrey and Grace for more inspiring posts.

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21 October 2015

Build an apron workshop

Join our Build an apron workshop 

After plenty of daydreaming over the years on how best to pass on the skills I have acquired through sewing your Nadinoo wears, I'm delighted to be offering the very first Nadinoo workshops. I will be teaching a couple of step by step sewing workshops suitable for total beginners at Studio nl this winter in the idyllic Leicestershire countryside. (I'm not kidding the studio location is out of this world, worth the trip alone!)

So to kick it all off I though where better to start than with the humble apron?. The apron is a much used domestic item in most households and donning it is usually the beginning of something productive. So why not go that extra mile and learn how to craft your very own? 

In this workshop you will learn all the skills needed to sew your own apron, from cutting the cloth to finishing seams and stitching patch pockets.

You may choose from a selection of natural linen fabrics, perfect for everyday wear and rigorous washing.

Class info…

All equipment provided although you are welcome to bring your own sewing machine if you wish (Please let us know in advance if you do)

Sunday 29th November
Sunday 31st January

11am – 3:30pm

Price £45

The class will take place at:
The Manor
Main Street
Tur Langton

Photography and styling by Sara Tasker

I really hope you can make it, there is nothing I love more than meeting like minded folk and having a good natter over a cup of tea.. Oh and perhaps whip up an apron while we're at it!

20 October 2015

The goodlife dress travels

So, this is my idea of the good life, out in the elements, foraging or picking, whatever it is that is seasonal: apples, blackberries, cow parsley, it doesn’t really matter.  It is about breathing clean air, listening to the sound of the wild, and living in the moment.   Returning home with my bounty to cook.  On a perfect day for others, but not always, sometimes a meal for one does me just fine.
Words by Emma Harris of A quiet style 

I'm thrilled to have the third instalment of the traveling dress to share with you from the talented Emma of A quite style. If like me you enjoy beautifully styled photos of flowers, fruit, cups of tea and all things that suggest slow living then she is your girl. This wonderful apple picking shoot gives you a flavour of what she is about and I'm hoping leaves you hungry for more. 

Read the full post on her thoughtful blog and follow her on instagram @aquietstyle for a daily dose of goodness.

Photography by A quiet style

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12 October 2015

Introducing Nadinoo homeware


I'm so pleased to share with you our brand new Goodlife homeware offering. Using the delicious hydrangea and fruity prints we have stitched up some daily essentials to brighten up your home.


Photography by Nadinoo

8 October 2015

Fancy a spot of apple picking?

To welcome the arrival of Autumn and those delicious apples ripening, all ready for the picking. We are offering you 20% off all our apple printed clothing. Use the code APPLES before Friday 9th October to enjoy this tasty discount.

Photography by Nadinoo

13 September 2015

The goodlife dress travels

My name is Cecile, I live in a small hill top village called Montreal in the Languedoc region of France, just outside of Carcassonne.  A sleepy village made of sand stone buildings and mint coloured shutters.  I am an artist, a gardener, a wife and a mother.
My garden room is my sanctuary. A place to retreat to, away from the glare of the midday sun. Here I love to indulge my passions, to paint, potter and read.  My children are now grown, living in Toulouse, they visit frequently, sharing gifts of local cheeses and stories of their lives.
On days when I am working in the garden I wear my apron dress.  A soft chambray denim tunic, loose and comfortable next to my skin, with deep pockets for my secateurs and perhaps my book.
And here I live, with my lover and a cat called Olive.
 A short story by Lou from Little Green Shed

I truly love how Lou has has interpreted the Goodlife brief for our traveling dress project, writing an original story that feels perfectly fitting for this garment. With breathtaking photo's from her friends studio shot while traveling through France. Makes you want to pack a suitcase and head to the French countryside to read, create and be inspired!..

Read the full post on Little Green Shed

Photos by Little Green Shed

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18 August 2015

The goodlife dress travels

If you follow us on instagram this won't be the first you will have heard of our travelling dress story.. But it's only fare we start from the beginning and explain how this little project came about.. 
Back in July I was fortunate to meet with the lovely Sara Tasker at a cafe in Haworth, she is the talented lady behind blog and much coveted insta account Me and Orla. We were brainstorming ideas of how to unveil our latest Nadinoo collection to the ladies who would most understand the story and lifestyle. After a few cups of tea and shared stories of motherhood we settled on sending a Nadinoo garment traveling. This garment would visit the homes of some of our favourite creative-types, for them to style and share along with their personal thoughts on the Goodlife. We both agreed it had to be our beloved Goodlife pinafore we sent a-travelling, as it carries the spirit of the entire collection. 

I hope you enjoy the first stop of this traveling dress, hosted by the lady who helped bring it all together. She wrote,
"Grass against bare legs, the wind in my hair, a scattering of birds overhead. The flowers that bloom here are strange and hardy – tufts of tiny white fluff that cling to their stems through August, giving way to a sea of purple heather by September. These photographs, shot by Jo and James Melia on our shared Yorkshire landscape, are my answer to ‘what the good life means to me’."

Photography by James Melia 

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14 July 2015

Good life giveaway on Calivintage

It's hard not to fall in love with a lady who tackles motherhood in such style. I have been following Erin's evolving style over the years and always so flattered to see her dressed in our wears. It has to be the best way for me to know I've hit my target audience when a blogger like Erin gets the thought behind a collection and embraces the mood so naturally. Her styling of our Good life pinafore has to be the best example of how to wear double denim and look effortlessly cool.

Head over to Calivintage to enter our giveaway and win your favourite piece from the Good life collection.

Photography by Calivintage 
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