18 August 2015

The goodlife dress travels

If you follow us on instagram this won't be the first you will have heard of our travelling dress story.. But it's only fare we start from the beginning and explain how this little project came about.. 
Back in July I was fortunate to meet with the lovely Sara Tasker at a cafe in Haworth, she is the talented lady behind blog and much coveted insta account Me and Orla. We were brainstorming ideas of how to unveil our latest Nadinoo collection to the ladies who would most understand the story and lifestyle. After a few cups of tea and shared stories of motherhood we settled on sending a Nadinoo garment traveling. This garment would visit the homes of some of our favourite creative-types, for them to style and share along with their personal thoughts on the Goodlife. We both agreed it had to be our beloved Goodlife pinafore we sent a-travelling, as it carries the spirit of the entire collection. 

I hope you enjoy the first stop of this traveling dress, hosted by the lady who helped bring it all together. She wrote,
"Grass against bare legs, the wind in my hair, a scattering of birds overhead. The flowers that bloom here are strange and hardy – tufts of tiny white fluff that cling to their stems through August, giving way to a sea of purple heather by September. These photographs, shot by Jo and James Melia on our shared Yorkshire landscape, are my answer to ‘what the good life means to me’."

Photography by James Melia 

Follow all the adventures of this dress with #thegoodlifedresstravels 

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