28 January 2015

Let's have a party!

Happy Birthday Lula

One thing I knew would impress my little Lula for her 2nd Birthday was a tea party, since the day she received her first tea set from Nana she has been busy entertaining, poring tea and serving cake. She even went through a phase of demanding we go out for tea and cake each day, settling only when her toasted tea cake was served and mum was sipping on her cup of tea.. Thankfully she is just as happy these days with a little role play, especially as her tea set has grown into a full on Lula cafe!
I have to admit I'm not really that into party planning, I generally get a little flustered and stressed out with it all, but I thought my little girl had been through such a tough year that she deserved a special day to celebrate all she has achieved. So I sat down a week before the big day and scribbled down some rough ideas of what to do and began working my way through it. Keeping it small and simple was key for me and Pinterest was also a huge help, giving me some lovely handmade ideas that were achievable. I found grouping ideas together on a board the easiest way to visualise what I was after. The week of organising everything was going really well, I had made the party hats and mini bunting for the cake using Liberty prints and purchased other little things that would add to the tea party spirit. Then I fell ill with only a few days to go and a long list of things that had to be baked, I managed to pull myself together to make most things and let myself off the hook with a few and ordered from our favourite local bakery instead. Of course everything worked out nicely on the day, even the sun came along and gave everything a sunny glow. Lula loved her spread and enjoyed making sure everyone was wearing a party hat once through the door. I'm feeling encouraged by this this celebration and already thinking ahead to what I can do for her next birthday, the joy on her little face was totally worth it. 

Photography by Nadinoo

8 January 2015

make a plan

A happy 2015

I'm excited about this new year and the many unexpected things it may bring.. But I'm also attempting to plan ahead and make the most of my Frankie diary & calendar by filling it with fun projects, family time and visiting much loved friends. I've never been one to plan or organise anything longer than a month or two in advance, always thinking it too far in the future for me to worry about. So in a bid to change my nature and finally grow up I hope to make a rough plan for the year with a better work life balance.

What is your plan for the year?

Photography by Nadinoo
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