18 March 2009

As cute as can be...

Have been really interested in photo shoots since realizing that I would have to direct the Nadinoo shoot, I keep finding myself drawn to this gorgeous blog the snail and the cyclops.
I had no idea one person could be so cute, and equally blessed with such lovely taste. Above are my faiv pics from her blog they have such a nice feel to them I want to jump in each photo.


We will be shooting the Nadinoo Spring Summer 09 collection on Sunday I can't wait!

11 March 2009

dear creatures indeedy!

My friend was kind enough to introduce me to "dear creatures", I just love these pics from there latest collections they send me to a happy place. I think the fact that Zooey Deschanel adores them gives them even more appeal, perhaps I should send her some Nadinoo frocks...

8 March 2009

Saying bye to Winter..

Nadinoo plaid sweet heart dress with pleats.
Nadinoo plaid puff sleeve dress with vintage buttons.
Before putting away the dresses I made for Winter 08 I thought it only fare they get at least one outing on the Nadinoo blog. 

4 March 2009

Pinceau at it's cutest..

I was hoping to refrain from blogging until my Nadinoo collection was complete but some inspiration is too good not to share. 
I apologize in advance if everything I do ends up looking like a tribute to Pinceau, they have changed my life!

2 March 2009

a sneak peek at Spring/Summer 09...

Just a tiny post to show what I've been up to, so very excited to get the collection finished and start selling online!

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