2 March 2009

a sneak peek at Spring/Summer 09...

Just a tiny post to show what I've been up to, so very excited to get the collection finished and start selling online!

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Anonymous said...

Love the back dress x

Anonymous said...

Hey I am waiting for your shop to open!!! I am definitely going to be one of your customers. Looking forward to see more and more of your nice new cute feminine designs. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Dear Nadia happy for u,
and i like ur style..(^^)

by the way im from libya...and im trying to become a fashion designer too!
hope so soon....

Nadinoo said...

Why thanks very much Heba!
I wish you all the best of luck in becoming a fashion designer, there are not enough Libyan designers in my opinion so I think we should make our mark!
Love Nadinoo x x x

granddad said...

Amazin' how luck I am to have such a tallented grandaughter (but then I always new it! see u on FTV soon eh? XXXX

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