28 May 2014

Keeping busy

A catch up...

This space has been much neglected since the opening of our Studio/Shop, the days are filled to the brim with new projects, sewing custom orders and chatting to the lovely people who walk through our doors. I can't say I'm complaining as this opportunity has filled my head with plenty nifty new ideas. I even have plans for this old blog if I can only allocate the time it truly deserves. I would love to do a few fun sewing tutorials that may inspire us all to get a bit more crafty in the evenings and weekends.. I'm thinking tiny projects that will take no longer than a couple of hours, as let's face it who has the time or patience to devote any longer..!? I'm hoping this will get my head into gear for setting up some sewing workshops at the Nadinoo Studio/Shop in July, there are so many Nadinoo designs and simple sewing techniques I would love to pass on. If you would like register your interest or if there is anything in particular you would like to learn however BIG or small please email at info@nadinoo.com
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