30 August 2013

Cape Town Adventures

As I type this sunny post, me and baby Lula are cosying up on the sofa under a multitude of blankets trying to stay warm while the heavens rain down on Hout Bay below us. It is after all still Winter here so I'm not complaining,especially as the odd sunny day remind me that spring is just around the corner. We spent this warm bank holiday weekend a few weeks back exploring Hout Bay craft market which was a wonderful introduction to the local talents. After picking up a few trinkets for friends and family we filled our basket with yummy delights from the food stalls ready for a picnic up on Chapman's Peak. The view of Hout Bay from up there is just breath taking, making me feel fortunate once again to be living in such a glorious place. 
After the cakes and wraps had all been devoured, we dusted off the crumbs and jumped back in the car on a quest to find this Kalk Bay we had heard so much about. We had been promised a sleepy lil fishing village with cute boutiques and a tiny market. I think we can safely say we found just that! Would definitely like to head down there again at some point, perhaps on the train next time which runs from Cape Town along the beautiful coastline.
Photography by Nadinoo

Almost neglected to mention that I was skipping around in a shiny new dress from the Play by Numbers collection. There really will be a launch soon, I promise!

6 August 2013

days of late

Like most bloggers I take far too many photos of random stuff in my day to day, but sadly they end up tucked away in my iPhoto library never to be seen again. So I thought it might be nice to share a selection each month or week (depending on how eventful) for you to get a tiny window into my world. I can't promise anything too thrilling, especially as I'm finding my feet as a mother but perhaps my mundane will be interesting to some of you..
Photography by Nadinoo
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