29 July 2011

Weekend delights!

To brighten up your Friday and get you in the mood for some Summer time frolics, we are offering you 10% off all the collections in our online boutique. Simply use the code: SUMMER to save enough pennies to treat yourself to that juicy cocktail or giant tub of ice cream..

Happy Weekend :)

27 July 2011

Nadinoo Summer Muse- The singer

With the wonderful reaction to our Nadinoo Muse features we though it would be lovely to re-visit our inspiring ladies and give you a Summer time edition.

Becky Filip the stunning lead singer of The Honey Trees was so kind to oblige, picking her favorite pieces from the Summer collection and answering a few questions too. With her talented brother Simon Filip once again behind the lens they worked their magic and put together this breath taking shoot for us.


Where did you shoot these beautiful Summer photographs?
These photos were shot in both the Central Coast of California, and Northern California. The Lula's untie me dress was shot in front of a place called Windmill Farms, where the flowers surrounding the outside were beautifully blooming! We shot the Fleur's untie me tee and Summer breeze skirt near some farms and orchards in Nipomo, CA. (wish the horses around the area would have cooperated with us that day!) And Lula's Darling dress was shot at a ranch in Sacramento, CA.

You seem to have such a harmonized taste with you brother Simon, do you enjoy working together?  
Simon and I have a very similar aesthetic when it comes to photography, so it's very easy working with him and knowing that whatever the outcome is we'll both like it! We definitely enjoy working together because it's easy, and obviously we're comfortable with each other. Plus neither of us are afraid to tell the other one off if we need to. ;)


Each location looks perfect for the outfit, did you plan the day to suit?
We actually didn't plan too much when it came to the photos, as far as which outfit would be shot where. It just seemed to work out! We knew that we wanted to take photos on a dock somewhere, and it just so happened that Lula's Darling dress was the last to shoot, and the dock was the last place we found. So, it all just seemed to work out nicely.

Becky wearing the Green Lula's Untie me dress

What has inspired you this Summer, either work or play?
I'm constantly inspired by a beautiful sunny day, which here in California, you get a lot of in the Summer! It gets me in a great mood to work on new creations every day. 

Do you have any new fun projects on the go that you would like to share?
I'm currently working on some new prints and other items for my etsy shop The Meadow Lark which I'm excited about sharing soon! :) I've recently taken up painting with acrylics and I've been really happy with the outcome of my experimenting with it!


What has been the highlight of your Summer or the perfect Summer's day so far? 
The Summer so far has been sort of a blur, with just working on paintings and music lately. I'm currently in Northern California spending time with family, so that has been nice. But I look forward to getting back down south soon and spending some days at the beach!

Becky wearing Lula's darling dress

Can we expect any new projects from the Honey Trees? Do you have any tour dates planned?
No tour dates as of right now, but we are currently just focusing on getting songs done for a full length album. We hope to get into the studio soon! Also looking into booking some shows in the LA area soon. :)

Beautiful photography by Simon Filip

If like me you simply can't get enough of Becky and her many talents, I highly recommend giving her band The Honey Trees a listen. You can purchase their album hereand why not treat yourself to one of her enchanting illustrations while your at it and call yourself a true fan!

25 July 2011

Sleepy Fawn Untie me days


I hope you enjoyed a lovely weekend despite all the happenings! We escaped to the South of France for a little relaxing and pottering about in the sun. I hope to share a few shots taken on my trusty old film camera of the trip, but before then I have so much to share with you..

The lovely Ashley was kind enough to share these adorable pics from her sunny day outings chasing rabbits and stumbling across Summer festivals. She looks so at home in her Lula's Untie me top it's hard to imagine it on anyone else! I love those days that feel just a little more special than the rest, when amazing things seem to happen just for you.. Take a gander over to Sleepy Fawn for more snippets on her enchanting day.

Photos by Ashley Moe

Ashley was the lucky winner from our last Summer Giveaway, make sure you join in on the action to win Pixie counting Planes Sun set here this month.

Good Luck!

21 July 2011

Final bursts of Summer

So pleased that Manchester has perked up a little today and given us some happy rays to smile about, we can finally dig out our Summer wears that have been waiting for a nice day! Hope you still have a little room in your wardrobe as we have released two much awaited styles (shown above). We are taking Pre-orders for Pixie Counting Planes dress which will be ready to post early next week. We will be making Fleur's Blossom and Thistle maxi to order so you can specify your desired length. 

17 July 2011

Shelli & Chris's dear engagement

I feel a little spoilt this week with yet another adorable shoot to share featuring our Nadinoo wears. This time it's the beautiful engagement shoot of Shelli + Chris shot by their dear friend Scott Chester in a stunning railroad museum.





One of the great perks of my jobs is getting to know lovely ladies like Shelli who has been a dear Nadinoo customer for some time. I have enjoyed so many emails chin wagging with her so it was a treat to help choose which Nadinoo frocks she could wear on the shoot.
The happy couple were also kind enough to answer a few nosey questions I had on how they met and why they are so smitten with each other. I hope they help bring these images to life and give you a glimpse into their world.




From our emails I already feel like I know you but could you introduce yourself and Chris and tell us a little about what you do?
Well I am a freelance photographer and photo editor and Chris is a software engineer. It sounds like night and day I know, but we actually have a lot in common. It is also  good to have the balance.

You look like you both have such a sweet friendship, how did you both meet?

We met and were friends long long before we dated. We used to live in the same boring town as teenagers – we were both little hellraisers in our own way. I am a couple years older than Chris so I remember driving him around before he had a license. I was the indie music snob and he was this shy little skater whose mom had a fridge magnet that said “cats rule the world.” I remember that magnet so well.  I escaped to upstate New York as soon as I could get away, then moved to Scotland for several years. So we fell out of touch as friends you could say.

We met up again years later at a friends house when I was visiting and hatched a plan to go to the wedding of another old friend in St Petersburg, Florida, which involved a 16 hour road trip. It was really the beginning of everything, that road trip. We stopped to take photos, hit up roadside stands, goofed off, saw the mermaids in Weeki Wachee and sort of fell in love along the way. It was also the beginning of a really hokey souvenir collection.

From all the laughter in the photos I can see you both have a great sense of humor, what makes you both laugh?

Films, books, and I guess the ridiculousness of life and people. I have always been a little on the sarcastic side and Chris could say the same.  I  think we both were  moved around so much as kids, having a sense of humor was a coping strategy no doubt it is for sure a trait we share.


How did you decide you wanted to spend the rest of your lives together, was there a proposal?
I think I knew by the time we got home from Florida after that first trip. We were together a few years before the proposal -  we took a 10 day trip to Paris for Christmas. After a lovely dinner, Chris really wanted to go put our padlock on the Pont des Arts bridge even though the weather was really dreadful and it was late. So we navigated through the freezing rain in the dark over to the bridge. I put the lock on, snapped a couple photos and there in the freezing rain, Chris proposed to me at midnight on Christmas Eve. I was not expecting it to say the least!  That night we went straight over to the Latin Quarter and celebrated in a happy corny little Greek restaurant. Best Christmas ever.  

 I loved the location! It looked like a photographers play ground, can you tell us a little about it and if there was any story in mind?
A very quiet railroad museum only about 20 minutes from where we live, I owe the photographer, Scott, for finding it. Once he mentioned it we were so sold on the idea. So much of our life together is about travel. We are travelling fools and our wedding required quite a bit of travel on everyone’s parts (trains, planes, automobiles, oh and boats) so it seemed entirely appropriate.

 As a photographer, how was it being on the other side of the lens?
Terrible! So awkward and embarrassing! Actually it wasn’t too bad because the photographer is a friend of ours, and we had a good time goofing around. I am still shocked he drove his lovingly restored vintage Thunderbird into a field for us, I was holding my breath when he jumped the curb, thinking “please don’t hurt the car”.

Did you have a favorite part of the shoot or photo that you feel especially proud of?
I think I loved the mailroom car quite a bit, I wish I could pack it up and take it home, make it a playhouse or something. There were hooks           hanging from the top on rails I just wanted to hop on them and fly down the car, but I fear they may have been just a tad unstable.


Finally a huge congratulations on getting married this Summer, can you give us a little glimpse into what your wedding was like?
The wedding was in Positano and I really love that place so much, it killed me to leave. The whole thing was was amazing, and in true Chris and Shelli fashion, not exactly what was planned! 

Photography by Scott Chester

Shelli wearing her Fleur's Penna dress and Pixie's Petal dress (Final pieces!)

15 July 2011

Sailing through..

Sailing collars_2
Our Pixie Goes Sailing dresses have been doing so well, we are already making a second batch for you all. Here is a little nosey at them in progress... The collars are definitely the fun part, with each row of taping neatly pinned ready to be stitched to perfection. I love how the studio looks when a batch is being made, always seems like things are in order!
Sailing collars
Sailing collars_3
Sailing collars_4

13 July 2011

Belle Ete By Anja Verdugo

Photography: Anja Verdugo
Styling: Megan Hart & Anja Verdugo
Nica Demaria
Megan Hart
Photo Assistant: 
dalas verdugo
Haley Martin & Kathleen Evans
NadinooUp the Wooden HillsAnna AllenClever NettleSummerland

I have been eagerly awaiting these photos since the lovely Anja from Clever nettle told me her ideas for this Country side shoot. Having fallen in love with her La Danse  shoot a while back I knew she would capture our clothing in a magical light and bring them to life in her delicately dreamy way! 
The idea came when she found this empty old house on Sauvi Island deciding it would make the perfect location for a Summer time shoot. She then picked a few pieces from her favorite independent designers (yey us!) to dress the cutie models and rounded a team of talented ladies to help complete her vision. 
I think they did a fine job, our Lula's untie me dress is certainly enjoying being in the spot light. There are two photos which I absolutely adore, but I would love to hear which do you like?
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