I ♥ Nadinoo Giveaway


The summer giveaway continues and this month up for grabs is our Pixie counting Planes Sun setPerfect for frolicsome fun in the sun! I accessorize mine with a big ice cream and a huge smile :)

How would you wear yours?


To enter simply show you ♥ Nadinoo by sticking one of our colourful stickers on your blog/Site/Tumblr page for a month, linking our website www.nadinoo.com

Don't forget to leave us a link to your site in a comment below, you can find all the individual coloured stickers here and display it as our previous winner Sleepy Fawn has done.

One lucky lady's name will be picked out from the hat on the 30th of July!

Good Luck all and hope you are enjoying the Summer sun x


Katie-Louise Ford said...

I'm in love! I would wear mine with a floral garland adorning my hair and bare feet.. Cider sipping, bicycle riding and daisy chain making would be sure to follow.

x Katie-Louise

Nadinoo said...

Ooo sounds great Katie, I'm right there Cider sipping with you x

Raquel said...

Oohh this would be perfect for braving these super hot days I've been going through!

Here's my blog, where I posted the sticker: http://blacksheepr.blogspot.com/


charlotteauzou said...

The sticker is still on my blog. I'm in !

anni said...

With bare legs, sunshine for rouge and strawberry-stained lips.
I've fallen head over heels for this piece, it's heavenly!
Kisses from a fan - http://hopelesschaser.blogspot.com/

Jo said...

Yes please yes please! This is like the outfit of my dreams! I have the sticker up on my blog!

Lost in the Haze

Emma said...

It's winter here in New Zealand but this makes me dream of long summer days!

The sticker is up on my brand new blog :) I just did my first post earlier today.



Francivusk said...

I'd wear it with a crocheted cardigan and cats eye sunglasses :)

here is my blog with your sticker.

francesca xx

rose-a-petits-pois said...

Can I participate ??!
The counting planes is my favorite pattern this season !

Oh I would wear mine with red lipstick and my vintage sunnies on a lazy afternoon in the park. Or next to the pool at my parents' :-) xx

Nadinoo said...

So many cuute ideas, all making me wish I was on holiday so I could try a few out!

Keep them coming x

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

Realistically with a cardigan while working on my thesis and wishing I was picknicking instead. But I'd be sure to take them down to the riverside biergarten to sit in the sand some afternoons!

Tors said...

The sticker is still on my blog but I've had a name change, from Welsh Pixie to Girl meets Wolf, although the URL remains the same. I adore your designs, thank you for these giveaways!

Maria said...

Gorgeous!... I would wear it with some wooden heel platforms, socks, a big summer hat and maybe a parasol! x


Maria xxx

Caitlin Rose said...

awesome! I've been thinking about that print a lot lately. And I already have my sticker up!

Suzanna said...

amazing giveaway!

here is my tumblr post: http://suzanna.tumblr.com/post/6286984207/i-nadinoo-www-nadinoo-com


Rynae said...

I'd wear it like it is with my sunnies and my bicycle for a ride in the country.

My blog http://prettybabyplease.blogspot.com/

sew nancy said...

Oh, I love thee sweet set. I hope I win.
My sticker is up.


Libby said...

Love it. I'd like to wear this with a huge floppy hat, several wilting daisy chains, and some homemade cloudy lemonade and a punnet of strawberries!
My sticker is still up from last time, but the coding is a bit funny... It's still visible but a bit weird.

Taylor / The Little Deer said...

This is so exciting! This would be the most perfect outfit for any summer activity. That print is so unique and pretty.
I also have a sticker on my blog now :)


Meg said...

I would wear mine with my Sky High nude Swedish Hasbeens.

As for jewelry I would go with chunky rings and a dainty thing gold chained necklace with some kind of charm. Perhaps a few dainty bracelets.

For other accessories I would do a little hair clip and my Tortoise Ray Ban vintage sunglasses. An extra sweater in my bag in case of a breeze. Maybe a peach colored or light sea green.

I would keep my hair all muggy and my bangs nice and fluffed to a bohemian standard to frame my face.

I would imagine myself holding something like a simple Dooney & Bourke shoulder bag, perhaps Navy & Brown--nothing too big, and sitting in a park drinking a glass bottle of coke with a straw (if possible) with friends with stacked magazines next to me and my camera for documenting it all.

Cheers. Happy Summer!


Love this outfit. It's adorable, and so summery. It makes me want to be at McCarren park RIGHT NOW!



Meg said...

p.s. I added the sticker in blue at the bottom of my side bar. Check it out!


Stéphanie said...

I adore !
I would wear mine with just flowers in my hair !
And I put the sticker on my blog !

Up The Wooden Hills said...

This is such a perfect outfit for warm summer days :) Your sticker is up on my blog and I've linked it to your website! Thanks for doing these adorable giveaways! Always appreciated :)


Lisa Marie

Emily Sarks said...

Ive posted your logo and why i <3 your label!


Min said...

Homegirl, I'd wear it with sass and brass.

(And yes, I might very well decide to shake my ass while I am at it. One never knows.)


lethizialop said...

Hello, I love the designs of Nadinoo, they are so preppy!.

I would like to participate. I've posted the sticker here in my blog, ModaPasion:


I hope to be lucky. Kisses.

verypurpleperson said...

So cute! I would wear it with wide brimmed hat and big sunglasses!
I have the sticker in my blog: http://verypurpleperson.com/

PetalPetal said...

Love LOVE this outfit! Your sticker is here:


PetalPetal and VintageChild:Modern

Roxanne Rosensteel said...

Oh my goodness this is pure perfection! I would wear them together with long wavy hair and my little flats, oh and red lipstick! Then I would wear the shorts with my breezy white blouse, and the crop top with a high-waisted long skirt. Of course on the sunniest of days.
- Roxanne

Oh, and the pretty little sticker is on my blog.

Kat said...

Oh this is splendid! i've had the sticker on my blog for a while, but i shrinked it a little to fit in the bar -- i hope that's alright.

I would pair these with my favorite (cheap) black sunglasses, my two-toned deena & ozzy flats (black and light grey leather), and probably my chiffon floral american apparel headscarf/wrap. and a lollipop.


Kat said...

Oops, i forgot a link. it's just accoudrements.blogspot.com

it's in the right side-bar! :)

Megan Webber said...

I ♥ nadinoo


Ines Armadon said...

It is my birthday on 30th of July and I'd love to have the beautiful Nadinoo top!
Here is the link to my blog: http://hvid.tumblr.com/

Stephanie Gould said...

So lovely!


violet moore said...

oh i would so love to win. i can see myself wearing this all summer long, especially on my upcoming beach vacation or trip to tiger world!

thank you so much. kindly,


i put your sticker on my blog:

Grace Chia said...

You inspired the look for my photoshoot. I wish i could intern for you, so i'm going to try after graduation! The Pixie counting plans set is ideal for the Singapore weather, my floppy hat and a whole lotta attitude because an outfit that awesome deserves the love.

It's the stuff of daydreams <3

Kylie Burrowes said...

i've absolutely fallen in love with this piece! it's such a perfect summer look. i'd wear it lake & poolside all summer long while reading a book.

here is my blog!

Lola said...

I daydream about your clothing. It is so lovely and nostalgic! My birthday is this Saturday and any piece on your collection would make a wonderful surprise gift.

I will keep my fingers crossed. :)

Lola said...

I would wear the Pixie to the summer carnival and accessorize it with a fluffy pink cotton candy.

I added your sticker to my blog: http://sewlola.blogspot.com/

My birthday is on July 30, I hope your hat picks me. ;)

Hannah Percyowl said...

Yay! It hasn't been on my blog all month, but perhaps now I'm set for next month :)


iwantmyplaceinthesun said...

I love the styles of your clothes and I will be happy to have one for free. More power. :)

Louise Nowelle said...

A new Nadinoo colour for a new Month!


Lou xx