24 December 2012

Cape Town Adventures

We are slowly settling to our new life here in Cape Town, helped greatly by the ever shining sun and breathtaking mountain and sea views that follow you around the city. One place we discovered recently that made us feel very at home was the Neighbourgoods Market at the Biscuit Mill. With stylish colourful goods stacked neatly and a huge artisan food hall crammed with everything yummy your heart may desire. I'm certain we will be back each Saturday to fill our boots.
Photography by Nadinoo

13 December 2012

Behind the scenes "Play by numbers"

I can't remember exactly when it was I started work on this collection, but for one reason or another it was pushed further and further back. However I am now pleased to announce that after much hard work and manic last minute pressure it is complete and will hopefully be released in March 2013. I'm so pleased with the result and just as enthusiastic about it as when I begun designing the collection. I really wanted to create some recognisable Nadinoo shapes that were both easy to wear and versatile enough to come back to again and again. There is always a small section of your wardrobe that is worn far more than the rest and I wanted to tap into key pieces from my own wardrobe and refine them to ensure you get the most out of your Nadinoo's on a daily basis. 
The concept for this collection came from a very wet and miserable English Summer, which forced us to make the best of things and encouraged us to be creative with our time. Finding new ways to keep ourselves entertained and stimulated. Going back to those early school days and picking up our paint brushes without fear of the outcome, digging out our favourite board games to challenge our minds and learn once again how to have fun with simple play. This I hope explains the title of this collection Play by numbers. For me this also conjured up a simple palette of primary colours with a few Summer notes that make us feel inspired by the basics.
As there are still quite a few months before this collection is released I didn't want to give too much away, but I hope these shots taken behind the scenes of the shoot will give you a nice little taster.
Photography by Nadinoo

29 November 2012

Nadinoo "Made in Kind" for Anthropologie

So happy this collection made it through to the Anthropologie "Made in kind" offering. It was a while in the making so I'm pleased to finally have the finished result to share with you. I wanted to create some fresh prints for the collection that would stand out and be recognisable as Nadinoo, to do this I called upon my favourite children's illustrator Genevieve Godbout to help bring all my ideas to life. She worked so hard to perfect each illustration which we then worked into bold colourful repeat prints. I hope you like the results and feel tempted to purchase one of the pieces, my favourite has to be Lula's Pear dress the quality is excellent.
Thank you to Anthropologie for this collaboration and to Genevieve Godbout for her charming illustrations.

This collection can currently be purchased on the US Anthropologie website and will be available in the UK stores and EU online in the New year.

24 October 2012

Frankie's 50th Issue - Glamorous Grandma

If you have been following this blog for a while you will already know how proud I am of my Grandma Vera. So when Frankie asked if I had a fashion icon in the family I would be willing to talk about in their 50'th Issue, I knew my Grandma and her stunning photos would tell the perfect story! I hope you enjoy this sneak peek at the feature and a closer look at all the old photographs of Vera's style throughout the decades, she really is one inspiring lady.
Thank you Frankie for featuring my beautiful Grandma and putting a proud smile on her face. x

16 October 2012

Autumn is here..

   Hurray it's finally a distinct season here in Manchester, after a half hearted Summer it's nice to have a full blown Autumn with the changing trees and the sun shining. I've been trying to get in plenty of walks while it's still warmish out and my bump is not too huge and uncomfortable. I'm now 24 weeks into this wonderful journey and I'm loving it far more than was expecting. As this one is so active and responsive to sounds and touch throughout the day I feel like I have a new friend to chat and play with. I don't think I was aware how close and engaging you could feel towards your little one and the overwhelming sense of love you feel while they are still in there. A month ago we had our Anomaly scan, it was fascinating taking a tour around our baby's body seeing everything in such detail. The sonographer was kind enough to narrate as she checked and took measurements so it was incredibly reassuring to hear that all was heathy and well with my new friend. We also found out that we are indeed having a little girl (as I suspected!), I was over the moon as you can imagine and even asked her to check again through teary eyes. Since then my nesting instinct has kicked in and I've been trying to find everything she will need when she arrives, it's so nice choosing outfits and bits and pieces for her new little life. I have so many pretty things I want to make her from Liberty prints I have stored away, hopefully I will find the time soon but I'm certain once I start I will not be able to stop. 
Hope you enjoy these silly photos taken on the way back from the Cinema with my little sisters, we went for a lovely stroll through my favourite park to admire the leaves and soak up some afternoon sun while discussing Perks of being a wallflower. This outfit is pretty typical for me these days, my new Tweed coat which I'm getting plenty of wear out of before it will fit no more, cosy A-line Nadinoo dresses with complimenting tights and comfy Chelsea boots which I bought to effortlessly slip on before leaving the house without the need to lace or buckle up (Bending down is no longer an easy task). 
Photography by Nadinoo

Tweed Winter Coat by Topshop
Burnt Orange Tights by Topshop
Chelsea Boots by Urban Outfitters
Shopper Bag by Zara
Nail polish by Urban Outfitters
Gloves Vintage

5 October 2012

Wear it like Hannah Metz

I'm so excited to share these pretty photos of Hannah Kiristina Metz wearing her favourite selection from our Sounds of the woods collection, all taken while going about her busy daily life. If you follow us on Facebook, Tumblr or Twitter I'm sure you will already have spotted them, but they are simply too good for me not to spread them across all our social media pages. Her styling of each outfit is utter perfection, she makes me want to be a little braver when mixing and clashing prints in future. I think we can all learn a little from this fancy lady. Hannah is one of those bloggers you simply can't ignore, she has tried her clever hands at a multitude of projects and succeeded with each one. I'm a huge fan of her label The Loved One and indulged in a few of her dainty lingerie pieces which feel even more precious and beautiful on your skin. Hope you feel as inspired as I do by these photos and have plenty of new ideas for wearing your own Nadinoos
Photography by Hannah Kristina Metz

Hannah is wearing Lula's Nightbird dress (All sizes available), Pixie's Bird a day shirt (Only 1 left!), Pixie's Trusty Pinafore (One left in each size), Fleur's Lunar shadows skirt (Available in Red/Green print) Other pieces Hannah's own.
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