20 April 2012

A million shades of grey...

This week the weather in Manchester has been very grim. The skies have been filled with heavy rain clouds which have made it tricky to go outside in anything other than a big rain Mac. But we managed a quick post with an outfit very much inspired by the grey moody weather we've been having. We found three dramatic aches near the railway bridges that we though would compliment the mood nicely. 
In the photo above I'm showing off my limited edition Rennes cracked leather tote that has been getting plenty of outings this year, I take my hat off to it's clever maker Julia for doing such a good job. In case you are not familiar with her handy crafts, you should pop over to her shop and drool over the beautifully crafted bags (I've been lusting after this one for some time, but may have to wait for it to be re-stocked) and even a dress or blouse if your quick. 
So the rest of the outfit is pretty typical for me; bright tights that blend seamlessly into the shoes (making my legs look deceptively longer) and a big cosy cardi thrown over a colourful Nadinoo frock. Lula's Night Bird has surprisingly been one of our most popular dresses this season, which makes me proud that ladies are getting bolder with their print and colour choices.. Those spooky birds are so much fun to style, with plenty of colour choices to pick out and play with. I'm sure I'll be dancing around in this print on the blog again soon, showing you a totally different colour combo. Please send in photo's of yourself wearing this dress or any other Nadinoo you have purchased so we can fill up our facebook gallery with all your inspiring styling. 
Photography by Nadinoo

Bag Rennes 
Dress Nadinoo
Cardi & Tights Topshop
Shoes Office

16 April 2012

Smarty pants

Hi all, I'm back from my Easter break and ready to rock! I thought it would be nice to kick start with yet another outfit post (not sure how long I can keep this up, but here goes..) A few posts back I  promised to show you how the blue Pixie's Bird a Day shirt was just as awesome as the now gone forever Cream version. So this is my attempt to woo you with it, first by showing you a typical way I've been wearing mine this Winter. I feel like I've smartened up recently, with a new appreciation for tailored detailing. I know the classic shirt collar was the start of this love affair, closely followed by a tailored pair of shorts and after that everything else seemed to follow... I don't know how long this smarty pants look will last (especially with the coming of Spring) but I am fully embracing how calm and collected it makes me feel (or seem!..) 
Photography by Nadinoo

Coat Orla Kiely 
Shirt Nadinoo 
Short Kooples
Belt Accesorize
Cardi Mango
Thigh high socks Topshop
Shoes Office

6 April 2012

Under the bridge

We are settling nicely in our new home and exploring the neighbourhood has become a bit of an evening tradition. I loved living by the canal side in East London watching colourful barges go by. So having the interlocking canals under the old railway bridges here is a comforting place to potter about especially with the roar of the trains passing from above. 
My little sister Amira came along yesterday and like me she enjoys a good photo opportunity so I danced around in my floaty Nadinoos while she snapped away. My wardrobe has become much more vibrant lately which I'm sure has been reflected in my collections, Lula's Birdie shirt has played a fun part in brightening up my Winter wears. A floor length skirt is also something I would have previously shied away from (being a bit of a tomboy at heart) but a cropped haircut and relaxed cardi make it feel more like an everyday outfit.
Photography by Nadinoo

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