6 April 2012

Under the bridge

We are settling nicely in our new home and exploring the neighbourhood has become a bit of an evening tradition. I loved living by the canal side in East London watching colourful barges go by. So having the interlocking canals under the old railway bridges here is a comforting place to potter about especially with the roar of the trains passing from above. 
My little sister Amira came along yesterday and like me she enjoys a good photo opportunity so I danced around in my floaty Nadinoos while she snapped away. My wardrobe has become much more vibrant lately which I'm sure has been reflected in my collections, Lula's Birdie shirt has played a fun part in brightening up my Winter wears. A floor length skirt is also something I would have previously shied away from (being a bit of a tomboy at heart) but a cropped haircut and relaxed cardi make it feel more like an everyday outfit.
Photography by Nadinoo

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Anonymous said...

you look so beautiful nadia! nice reading that you enjoy your new apartment by the bridges. wish you a great start and hopefully we'll manage to come visit you again in the summer!

Nadinoo said...

Thanks my lovely Hien! Was so nice to see you again and have a good catch up, look forward to more visits this year :)

Two Happy Hearts said...

Beautiful shots! I adore that shirt. It's such a beautiful color...and that collar is gorgeous!!
Glad you're enjoying your new surroundings :)

rose-a-petits-pois said...

You look beautiful Nadia !
It's so lovely to see you wear your collection :-)
I also had a lot of fun lately wearing my Lunar shadow skirt & Lula's birdie shirt in red. Such a wining outfit !!!
Love x

Toshiko Shek said...

wow these photos are gorgeous and you look amazing!

Anonymous said...

These are amazing photos. I love them!

earworm said...

i love how your coordinate your eyeliner with your shirt, too cute!

Nadinoo said...

Wow I'm amazed you noticed! It was a perfect match ; )

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