Happy Spring..


Over the past week we have been moving both home and studio into our new city apartment, it's been none stop packing and unpacking for far too long so I'm happy to have this weekend to relax and enjoy the space we now call home. It's been so beautiful here in Manchester with Spring fully on it's way. We managed to sneak out of our box ridden home to grab some rays in our nearby park in the afternoons and make the most of the lovely warm weather. I have been taking my cookbooks along to inspire yummy dishes to cook in our new spacious kitchen. I could not resist trying a batch of Banana muffins for my Mr's Birthday from the Scrumptious Muffins recipe book, there are so many good flavours in there that we LOVE and many more I can't wait to try!.  
Photography by Nadinoo

To celebrate the arrival of Spring we are offering you 10% off all the Nadinoo shop this weekend, simply pop in the code HAPPYSPRING and enjoy!


Rosie said...

Oh it looks like a lovely start to your spring! I want to start baking more!

Style Blogger said...
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