30 December 2014

time to think..

Merry Christmas

It's hard not to get reflective when a year comes to an end, especially on those days between Christmas and New year when you have a little time to breath out and put your feet up (if you are lucky that is..). This year has been a busy and challenging one for me and my family but for all it's highs and lows I'm grateful as it has brought us to where we are right now. 

18 December 2014

Life keeps moving on..

I regret that this space has not been used for personal posts lately and vow to do my best to rectify this and bring you fully up to speed. It seems our life has been moving so fast this year with move after move that it has become tiresome to even recall the events and changes in our lives let alone tell the story. I think my head is still spinning trying to pin down where now is, if that even makes any sense.? But I feel blessed to have landed in a beautiful quiet countryside village that is making peace and grounding all together possible. If you are following @nadinooclothing on instagram you will already be familiar with this charming little place we now call home. The first few weeks we spent wandering the village awestruck by how idyllic and characterful it all is, never mind the joy of having open fields just around the corner. It feels like the perfect antidote to busy city life and we are gratefully soaking it all in. I'm starting to feel like we have found a place we can spend a number of years but I'm not one for getting ahead of myself.. who knows what adventures are waiting round the corner!
Photography by Nadinoo

12 December 2014

Little Nadinoo in Frankie issue 63

Hello Frankie bits

I don't think there will come a day when seeing our Nadinoo wears in Frankie Magazine will not induce a merry jig and a hearty yahoOO!! Especially when they insist on writing up such flattery and throwing it our way.. 
Thanking you Frankie x
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