Nadinoo "Made in Kind" for Anthropologie


So happy this collection made it through to the Anthropologie "Made in kind" offering. It was a while in the making so I'm pleased to finally have the finished result to share with you. I wanted to create some fresh prints for the collection that would stand out and be recognisable as Nadinoo, to do this I called upon my favourite children's illustrator Genevieve Godbout to help bring all my ideas to life. She worked so hard to perfect each illustration which we then worked into bold colourful repeat prints. I hope you like the results and feel tempted to purchase one of the pieces, my favourite has to be Lula's Pear dress the quality is excellent.
Thank you to Anthropologie for this collaboration and to Genevieve Godbout for her charming illustrations.

This collection can currently be purchased on the US Anthropologie website and will be available in the UK stores and EU online in the New year.


Catherine said...

That pear dress is absolutely gorgeous!!

Kailey said...

Wow wow wow. I'm speechless - you have done such an incredible job! Congratulations on having it all completed :D

Emma said...

So glad to hear it'll be available in the UK, will you make sure to let us all know?

Its just so beautiful xx

Kitsune-kun said...

wow! so pretty! congrats!

Is It Secret, Is It Safe said...

These are beautiful!! I especially love the bird shirt! Congratulations!


Libby said...

This is beautiful! It all looks gorgeous; the illustrations are lovely and the design of the clothes is (as always) wonderful.
I've not been able to afford any of your pieces before, but instead have coveted them from afar. But if these are released here just after Christmas, I might be able to scrape together enough for that beautiful shirt! Fingers crossed.

Kirsty said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Daydream Lily said...

LOVE it all!!! well done lovely xx

M.from barefootcloud said...

I feel so proud to own some of your dreamy dresses!Because you are a Star!!
And very soon you will have a baby line and then a home line and wallpaper line!I see it all !
You are a true artist!
It was such a great idea to work with an illustrator to put life into your dream.
In love with the blue dress!
The pear dress is a movie on its own..
The shirt with all those beautiful birds has character yet softness and it does not remind me of any other bird print!It simply stole my heart..

Rosaspina Vintage said...

As I said, every piece in this collection is just lovely Nadia, I'm so proud of you and Genevieve :)
And a pretty Fleur's Hydrangea Dress is on its way to Italy right now, it'll be so sweet to wear something that my favorite gals created!

Jo said...

Congratulations, wow, these pieces are all so beautiful! LOVE the dark blue fabric with hydrangeas!

katieg18 said...

My pear dress arrived the other day, and I've already worn it twice-I love it! I would totally get a second one if it came in another print, it's just lovely.

Camille Javal said...

These prints are absolutely stunning!! xxx