8 March 2009

Saying bye to Winter..

Nadinoo plaid sweet heart dress with pleats.
Nadinoo plaid puff sleeve dress with vintage buttons.
Before putting away the dresses I made for Winter 08 I thought it only fare they get at least one outing on the Nadinoo blog. 
Anonymous said...

Thanks for the sneak preview, can't wait to see the full Spring collection. After this long winter we definitely need some colour!

Anonymous said...

Your fabrics look great, very cute styling too. Can't wait for the shop to open soon.

Anonymous said...

So nice. I especially love it with red underneath. The second to last picture is my favourite.

Anonymous said...

Very cute dresses, I'll have one of each please!
Sara xoxo

ruw said...

I LOVE thıs lıkle dress. I want one now!!!!!!!

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