7 April 2010

A thousand stills

I'm so happy to be blogging again and sharing all my new inspiration found for the new season. This mini movie for Dace's new collection is just breath taking, the location is straight out of a dream. 

Music: ‘Bulle’ by Lili myspace.com/lilibulle
Video Editor: 
Ryan Savella
Tanus Lewis
Tania Becker
Makeup: Marlayna Pincott
Patty said...

So gorgeous, I love how everything is in a fog!

Faith | Outdoor Banners said...

Wonderful shots. I wonder how you can get to take beautiful shots like these. These pieces are inspiring for frustrated photographers like me. LOL.

Little Lost Treasures said...

Lovely photos!

DarlingV said...

That video had me clicking that "follow" button, so BEAUTIFUL and inspirational! I'm so interested in doing stuff like that but I wouldn't know where to start. Did you got school, what equipment do you use?

Lily said...

So, so gorgeous. It's inspiring me to write dreamy stories, wear soft, pretty clothes, and find a perfect spot like this for relaxing, canoeing, and dressing well. I just discovered your blog, and it's beautiful. Absolutely perfect, and I may just spend the rest of the night poring through the gorgeous pictures. Thanks for the lovelyness :)

Krakatoa Sunsets

Nadinoo said...

Thanks for all the delightful comments on this post, so happy they have inspired you! I wish I knew how they were created, so I give you some useful answers.. What I do know is that Vaseline is used by some photographers to soften parts of the picture. The lovely Marlies used it on my first Nadinoo mood shoot, love how the simplest of things are ften the most effective.
Love Nadinoo x

Anonymous said...

amazing amazing!!

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