Orla Kiely AW10


Orla Kiely AW10
Photography by the talented Carrie from wish wish wish 

I have been debating with myself on whether or not I should pop into the Orla Kiely sample sale tomorrow at Chelsea Town Hall. I know I will be spoilt for choice and faced with many tough decisions on what to buy with my few remaining pennies.. I have very little will power when it comes to pretty things of high quality as I know they will be faithful to me for seasons to come... 
Been holding onto these AW10 images for a while now but today they have reminded me how much I love everything this UK based label has to offer, so only fair really that I should share them with you lovely readers. I hope you enjoy and feel inspired!

Orla Kiely AW10
Photography by the talented Carrie from wish wish wish 


kerri said...

even better than being a UK brand, it's an irish one!

(spot the very proud irish girl. . . )


ElyZa said...

Evrything is so cute! I love the platforms in the next to last picture!

Holly Brannigan said...

Such beautiful stuff! I just love those shoes, been trying to get hold of a pair for a while since seeing this first time!

Nadinoo said...

Wupsy I meant UK based! Too right to be proud, she is amazing. Just bagged a few pretties at the sample sale.
Love Nadinoo x

wishwishwish said...

I love Orla Kiely : ) I went along to the sample sale too - what did you get?!
By the way, would you mind crediting my images? Sorry to be a pain
thanks! xx

Nadinoo said...

Hello there dear Carrie! Thanks for much for letting me know the images are yours, I grabbed them so long ago I forgot the source. Such lovely photos too, I thought they were promo pics from the event!

Hope you bagged some beauties at the sample sale. I bought a lovely blue trench and mustard coloured dress. My heart still pangs for the two cardigans I had to leave behind.

Love Nadinoo x

P.S. I simply adore your blog, keep up the lovely posts and inspiring looks.

wishwishwish said...

Oh thats fine! thank you for putting a link up : )

Ohh I know the ones you mean, I loved them too but thought they were a bit 'grown-up' for me. I bought myself a bag and a dress - I'll post them up soon! xx

Nadinoo said...

ooO I look forward to seeing them soon!

Just posted the coat I bought, been wearing it none stop it goes with everything.

Love Nadinoo x

charlotteauzou said...

The red coat is just awesome. And these shoes looks so great with all the outfit.