1 August 2011

I ♥ Nadinoo Giveaway Winner!

So pleased to announce the winner of our Pixie Counting Planes Set giveaway!
We had to draw a couple of times as there was no sticker on our first selections blog.. But still second time lucky and little Anni from Finland is our latest winner who said she would wear hers; 
"With bare legs, sunshine for rouge and strawberry-stained lips.
 Having popped over to her blog Hopeless dream chaser I can imagine her doing just that!
Hopeless Dream ChaserImage by Anni who also has the dreamiest Tumblr I've ever seen.

Stay tuned this week for our final Summer giveaway...
Francesca | A Golden Hour said...

you lucky girl! ;)

Emily said...

Mentioned you guys on my blog for the 2nd time! :)


The Ponycats said...

thank you for the tumblr recommendation! It's almost as sweet as your blog (: every time I browse through your posts I feel so happy, they are dreamy and beautiful, you have a wonderful face
have a great monday!
-Sandra Ponycats
from http://pony-cat.blogspot.com/

Nadinoo said...

Aww thanking you for the lovely kind words!

I think I lost a few hours browsing through her tumblr, she has such a great eye for all things dreamy :)

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