29 June 2011

Mini adventures-Manchester ship canal


In an effort to explore our surroundings me and James took a boat tour of the Manchester ship canal which sailed from outside our apartment to the Liverpool docks. The day started out cold, wet and incredibly windy, not the most encouraging weather for a day out but slowly it began to brighten up making the views more appealing as we approached Liverpool.


The huge industrial swinging bridges were rather impressive too but I'm happy I took my book along for when things got a little repetative. Anywho I did take my camera to keep myself amused and document the day. Most were blurry even though we were traveling at a snails pace but still managed a few beauts which give you a feel for the day.


I had never been through a lock before so it was kind of exciting navigating through each one watching the water drain away from beneath us before progressing to the next part. There were so many old lock keepers cottages and decaying buildings that looked like they had seen better days but fun to imagine how they would have been back in the day.



Me looking a little battered by the elements in my Pixie's Tweety dress. It was my first outing in this pretty, I felt so happy in it teamed with my fave Cos cardi which made the birdies sing...

rose-a-petits-pois said...

You look simply adorable in your tweety dress :-)

Taylor Kitto / The Little Deer said...

I love the light in all of your photos! and that dress is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics! Your outfit is so adorable!

Camila Faria

Rosaspina Vintage said...

Ha! I paired mine with a peach cardigan too when I wore it for my first lecture last week :) You look so cute in it darling!

Nadinoo said...

Tar very much! It's strange wearing your own designs as you can't help but be critical of every stitch. But I'm getting a lot better at enjoying them these days without feeling like I'm at work.

Ale, I'd love to see you in your Tweety dress! We need to do a feature with you in all your Nadinoo's..

Rosaspina Vintage said...

Oh that would be fun, Nadia!
The Tweety dress is next on my list (your beauties are slowly taking over my wardrobe ;)

Kat said...

Your clothing is such high quality... the tweety dress is beautiful from what i can see of it! I wish i wasn't a broke student so I could buy all of Nadinoo's things.

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