28 May 2010

My Gran Vera the Fashion Icon

Photography by my talented Grandad Raymond Fletcher in the Sixties

At the weekend I was visiting my lovely Gramps up in Sunny Lancashire enjoying the breath taking views, cute villages and pubs all over the country side. I mentioned to my Gran briefly that I would love to have a look through her old pics for some inspiration. Knowing what a glamorous lady she has always been I knew I would find some gems of inspiration. Anywho as we were so busy fitting in all the visits meals and drinks we totally forgot. But Tuesday morning I opened the mail box to find a stuffed envelope full of old photos taken in the 50's and 60's in all shapes and sizes. I was thrilled she had remembered and trusted me with these beautiful pics. I hope you enjoy them and they inspire you, I adore my Gran Vera and think the world of her. 

Unknown said...

Beautiful - your Grams is quite the modest sexy lady ;) I love looking at pictures my Grandma Mummsy took for my Grandpa - shes posing like a pin up model and everything.


Handmade by Hayley said...

Wow Nadia, they are really lovely, she looks very beautiful. H x

hannah, heart city said...

oh wow! she's got amazing style! its definitely in the blood..

Layla said...

She so pretty. I love this post :)

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