4 January 2010

SS10 Dace

Even though it's still snowing outside I'm getting really excited about the Spring/Summer collection, this gorgeous short movie for Dace's SS10 collection has made me even more inclined to film one for Nadinoo... What do you think?

Thanks to the lovely Sally Jane Vintage for drawing my attention to this pretty!
Unknown said...

How divine! Thanks for sharing, I might have to borrow the link to share as well... Gotta share the goodness =) Perfect imagery!

Sally Jane Vintage said...

Yes, please! I would love to see a Nadinoo video. :)

Laia said...

woww the video is beautiful (L) I think it'd be a great idea to make a video for the next Nadinoo collection!

Lulu said...

oh that was so beautiful!


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