30 October 2011

Out and about in Manchester

I know the blog has been a little quiet lately so I thought I would use this Sunday afternoon to show you a little around Manchester.
Before moving up here I felt a little sad that I would be leaving the many cafes, pubs and vintage markets of London all behind. But once we had settled I decided to do my best to re-discover Manchester and see it with my now grown up eyes (... not those of a penniless student!). I'm so happy I gave it a chance as I've found so many nice areas, events and cafes that I love and enjoy visiting on weekends off.
Hidden away under the railway arches in Castlefield a fantastic farmers market is held on the first Sunday of every month. We were lucky enough to catch the first one and came away with our bags packed full of cheese, home made pies and a variety of vegetables. Already looking forward to the next one which is not far away!
 Manchester through the eyes of Nadinoo

If you know Manchester please let me know your favorite spots and I'll make sure I pay them a visit soon...
Isobelle said...

These photos are lovely. I never got the chance to really explore Manchester while I lived in England (I stayed around Leeds mostly) so it's nice to be able to see the different areas :)

Jo said...

It looks like you've found how truly beautiful Manchester is <3 I now want to visit it so badly! I am oh-so obsessed with canal boats; and the ones photographed are no exception!

Lost in the Haze

*Evelyn* said...

I think it's great .... I love the roofs of the houses, very unique!

Lola said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pictures. :)

hannah and landon said...

It's so sweet there, I love the canal boats! xx

Tilly said...

Ohh gosh! My home town <3 I never knew you moved up here! Your clothes are far too dreamy and magical to be associated with anything other than a magic fairy land where unicorns DO exist hehe! Hmmmm i feel embarrassed recommending anywhere cos i am poor so do not frequent anywhere expensive O_O i would say try and pop into chorlton if you can there are loads of cute cafes and such round there!

The art glalleries and museums (though i expect you have frequented them!) the bars around the northen quater are always worth a visit toooo.

If you want anymore advice please ask!! although it probably wont be too good hehe xxx

Karen Cheung said...

The market looks fantastic. I think I'll definitely have to make the trip from North Wales to the next one!

If you like vegetarian food, Oklahoma Cafe is wonderful, as is the cafe in the basement of Eighth Day health food shop. http://www.eighth-day.co.uk/cafe.htm

Thanks for sharing!

lavelle said...

This market looks fantastic - I've lived in Manchester for 8 years and did not know about it!

I had no idea you lived up here either, let me know your email address and I will send you a long list of tips of things to do and see etc

Emma xx

Dulcie said...

Ah I had no idea you live in Manchester! I studies there for three years and just moved to London in the Summer but I miss Manchester sooo much! The vintage shopping in the Northern Quearter has always been great and I used to love The Dead Shop at the end of Oldham Street (I'm sure you'll know the place I mean!) xx

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