29 June 2010

Treats in the post

My very own unique copy of the Werk no. 17 Eley Kishimoto arrived in the post today, was so excited to flick through the fabrics and see some of the inner workings of this clever duo. If like me you adore prints and vibrant colours this book is feast for your peepers, and does not disappoint! Packed with sketches, inspirational images and even pics from their family photo albums. With only 1000 copies made I would recommend you hurry while they are still in stock! 
Love the contrasting childhood pics of Mark Eley and Wakako Kishimoto.
Each edition uses archive Eley Kishimoto materials in a slightly different way, so that no two are exactly the same (how cute!). A bundle of four fabrics on both the front and back of the book act as its cover, with the back four folding over the spine and secured to the front with staples and dress making pins, mimicking, say Work, "a textile work-in progress". 
All photos from Creative review 
Michelle Elaine said...

thse are so awesome!! i love the use of textiles as pages :)


Linda said...

This book looks incredible - one that you
look through over and over again. You must
have had such fun exploring it!

Dustjacket Attic said...

I just saw a lovely piece on Nadinoo in Australian "Frankie" mag.

Frankie is a great mag too.
xoxo DJ

Charlotte said...

Hi Nadinoo ! I'm so looking forward to discovering your new collection ! When are you going to release it ? Are sales coming up for spring-summer collection ?

Rūta said...

What a great patterns!
can't wait for your new designs too =)

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