11 June 2010

Milk from a thistle

It has been a while since I've seen a collection that made me smile like this one, I just love everything! the prints, colours, silhouettes, even the simple styling. I have to admit I've been struggling for inspiration lately but this fun collection has got me excited again. 

When we finally get the chance to produce our own Nadinoo prints I hope they are as pretty and well considered as these lovelies.

This print certainly captures my imagination..

Michelle Elaine said...

These are do dvrling and the prints also make me smile :)


caroline said...

cute. some pieces remind me of karen zambos (sp?).

ilana kohn said...

holy moly! i completely agree with everything you've said. perfection!!!

not to mention - WHO are those brown clogs by???!

muchlove said...

I was just admiring this collection a couple of days ago! They're so beautiful.

Johanna Lu said...

Wow, I assumed that they were Finnish, the looks are reminiscent of the Nanso/Ivana Helsinki/Marimekko aesthetic that was really popular in Sweden a few years back. I have really been missing that style, so it's cool to see someone else do a similar thing. Love those bold prints!

Anonymous said...

oh how wonderful, this is lovely. x

kimvee said...

I love the first dress! :)


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