14 December 2009

Julia Blank

Photography by Julia Blank

I've been meaning to post these beautiful photographs by Julia for a while now, I just love the final one it reminds me of Alice in wonderland for some reason. Can't wait to watch Tim Burton's version when it's out in the new year.
If you enjoyed these pretty photo's by the talanted Germany photographer don't forget to browse through her portfolio.
Amy said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

Laia said...

Her pics are pretty cool but she does certainly work with a great stylist!!

bárbara crespo said...

what a wonderful pictures!!!


cashmere jumpers said...

The photography here is amazing!I also love her look!

Marika said...

amazing! have no words to describe
thanks for sharing!

Chaucee said...

These are gorgeous! I love her style. I think my favorite one is the second picture.

Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh I really love these photo's, they are just so gorgeous. Will check out Julia for sure.

Big welcome to DJA,

lauren said...

wow, stunning!

Taylor Kitto said...

wow, i just came across your blog
and i must say that it is SO lovely
i love all these gorgeous pictures.
have a splendid day!

Cassidy said...

oh such lovely pictures !
OMG i totally forgot about Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland ! yay i'm excited now :D

Sahakiel said...

Oh, my, so beautiful pictures! A great point of inspiration!!

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