27 October 2009

Happy days..

As the A/W orders have been flooding in my days are getting increasingly busy. So apologies for lack of blog posts these past few weeks, I have been happily sewing away listening to music.  I do plan on taking a weekend off at some point and I will take the time to catch up on posts I have been meaning to write. Also have a give away planned soon so be sure to pass by and see!

Larai said...

i was inspired by that outfit i even have it as my desktop background
i wore soemthign very smiliar..just a blue-ish floral skirt with beige and a beige blouse
i recieved alot of compliments ;) thanks for being such a talented inspiration
God Bless

Nadinoo said...

How wonderful! Happy you have found Nadinoo inspiring to your wardrobe.. x

anabela / fieldguided said...

Oh I wish those blouses were coming my way... Excited for the giveaway!

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