A fond farewell to our Workshop/Shop


Watch the space..

We will sadly be packing up and closing the Nadinoo Workshop/Shop on the 15th of September. Thank you to everyone who came by and supported our little venture, I'm very happy we gave it a try! I can't tell you how amazing it's been to set up this dream space and meet you lovely people, your kind words will keep me smiling for years :)

We will continue with all things Nadinoo online and even have a few fun projects up our sleeve to share with you real soon.

Photography by Nadinoo



ruw said...

I'm going to miss you Nadinoo! X

Sarah said...

What a beautiful space. I'm sad I never got to see it. :( Farewell! xoxo

Dulcie said...

So sorry to hear you have to leave. You have created the most perfect work space here and I sincerely hope that you are able to have something similar again in the future xxx

Constance Murphy said...

What a beautiful working place!

Susan Smith said...

Sorry to hear that. Your clothes are so beautiful.

Nell said...

I'm so sorry to hear this. Your shop was gorgeous. I would love to know if you ever plan to offer those curtains on your dressing rooms for sale. I would snap those up in a heartbeat. And I'll be emailing you soon about a dress. Just trying to decide which one if for me. <3 to you.