Pop by, say hi!



On Saturday we officially opened our doors and welcomed you into our little world. Although there is plenty of work still to be done, I feel it's already a happy positive space that will open up a world of exciting new opportunities. Just being able to hear the wonderful comments from customers as they pick out their favourite peices is enough to keep me smiling for days. The other makers within the Craft & Design centre have been so kind and welcoming we already feel at home. 

Photography by Nadinoo


Salām in Wonderland said...

Looks wonderful! Was so nice to visit. I'm going to have to bring my husband along next time to see what pretty things he wants to buy me.

amira made said...

I love it, so fresh and lots of pretty! :)

Nadinoo said...

I look forward to meeting him! Was so nice to have such wonderful support on Saturday, thank you for coming along x

rose-a-petits-pois said...

Congratulations Nadia!
I wish I could just pop in and say hi (and buy a little something ;-)

Julienne J said...

I loved the layout of the shop; it showed off the Nadinoo collection to perfection.We're all wishing you the best!

Laura said...

Your shop looks gorgeous! It is cleanly and elegantly decorated and it looks really bright and inviting from the pictures!
Congratulations :)

Laura xx