Sunny start to the year


I've always enjoyed the beginning of a new year, a fresh start with new goals, ambitions and resolutions to fulfil. For me it's always a good reminder that I need to take better care of myself so I have been making improvements in my daily routine to fit in as many relaxing and healthy habits. Lets hope I can keep it up..
Photography by Nadinoo

I've been daydreaming of putting together a small children's wear range for quite some time so I'm hopeful it will finally come to fruition this year. The idea of mini versions of your favourite Nadinoo's has to be brought to life, at the very least so my little Lula can run around in Nadinoo dresses of her own. I fear I'll never find time otherwise..
I have lots more ideas and grand plans scribbled down in my shiny new diary but it would be lovely to hear what you would like to see from us in 2014. Please don't be shy, all ideas are welcome for either the blog or future collections.

P.S. The blog is going through a slow make over, I hope to inject a little love back into it and plan to welcome back like minded sponsors very soon. Please email me if your interested at


Kailey said...

Such beautiful photography! Excited for what your plans are for Nadinoo in 2014 :)

onetenzeroseven said...

Gorgeous imagery! I have a lot of long lost goals that I'd like to bring back this year... good luck to you! We can do this :))

Sophie | Onetenzeroseven

Raquel Faria said...

I love the idea of little versions of your Nadinoo dresses! How adorable would that be (:

Happy New Year Nadia, wish you all the best!

Rosaspina Vintage said...

Haha my mom has exactly the same dream (that and a granddaughter..) and even made a tiny version of a Rosaspina skirt for our newborn cousin this Christmas! But I told her that if she wants to do it she's going to need a spare Ale, no way I can fit that too in my days :D
I can't wait to see what you come up with my dear, and more Lula pictures in 2014!!

Anonymous said...

Excited to see little Lula in Nadinoo! Would love to see a mini Nadinoo untie me dress :)