27 October 2013

Days of September

I promised more frequent days of late posts than I've managed recently, don't know how other blogging mothers do it but I can never seem to find the perfect moment to sit with the laptop and my thoughts. While Lula is napping in the day there are always a million little jobs more pressing I need to hurriedly do before she wakes. I'm sure other mums can sympathise.. But still I have to say life is pretty swell of late I love being busy and finding sweet joy in the simplest of tasks...
Photography by Nadinoo

Good luck charm a gift from my Grandma
Rain drop fabric drying in the wash house 
Colour me in dress waiting to be finished
Holding my friends brand new little Ophelia
Lula in the big girls chair
Another batch of muffins in the making
Finished product (Banana, Pecan and date muffin) for our family recipe book
Apples for Lula- girl LOVES em
Father and daughter looking more alike by the day
Admiring our living room view of Hout Bay
Favourite Libyan meal- Fasulia
Latest herb garden
Anonymous said...

I miss likkle lula! She looks so grown up sitting in the big girl chair and the fasula looks delish.

love aunty amira xx

Q's Daydream said...

I know JUST what you mean ;) Lula is just the sweetest!!

Anna Wallace said...

Super cute baby... super yummy food. Enough said.

ZanziBach said...

Your photos are so alive! Lovely moments!

Nadinoo said...

Thanks guys! So happy you enjoyed them, I hope I can keep this feature up and show you more snippets of our life..

Nadia x

M.from barefootcloud said...

Amazing photos..You both are the best parents..with eyes full of love..
And oh she is sooooo sweet and wise..Its like she already has opinions..and of course you dress her up in such a unique way..
Be blessed!
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